A New U.S. Pro Team

In a time when finances are tight, it's good to hear word of a new pro team in the United States.

SoCal residents are undoubtedly familiar with Adageo Energy Pro Cycling, since it was an elite team the past couple of years. But to a lot of cycling fans, the "Liquid Fitness" brand is a new one. From the sounds of it, they'll be competing in some NRC races (Redlands, Cascade Classic, Tour of Utah) in 2010.

It will be interesting to see how these guys flesh out. It sounds like their title sponsor is in it for the long haul and they have some respectable (if not young) talent coming on board. (more after the jump...)


Here's what their news release said:

The new Adageo Energy Pro Cycling Team aims to build on the foundation of its highly successful grassroots programs, the Southern California-based Liquid Fitness/Adageo Energy Elite Team and the 400-member Liquid Cycling Club.
Adageo Energy, an Austin, Texas-based investment firm that capitalizes on high-growth, high-return opportunities in the energy sector, will sponsor the U.S.-registered, UCI continental professional team.
Team Director Josh Horowitz said Adageo Energy Founder and Managing Director Clay Womack has a long-term vision of success, as well as a firm commitment to run a clean program.
"A lot of the growth of this team to date – and moving forward – stems from his passion to promote the sport of cycling," Horowitz said. "Clay and I have been developing this program for several years now and we have a long term plan to see it grow into 2011 and beyond."

Horowitz said the squad continues to pursue a co-title sponsor. Ideally, it would be one that will benefit from the program’s long-standing reputation in Southern California.
"For the past 10 years, the Liquid Cycling program has attracted a diverse, international community of cyclists," Horowitz said. "So we already have a built-in demographic of recreational riders, triathletes, commuters and beginning riders that any sponsor would love to get their hands on."
Team Roster (Nationality), Age:
Eric Bennett (USA), 23
Tobias Eggli (SWI), 23
Tim Farnham (USA), 27
Danny Finneran (USA), 19
Josh Horowitz (USA), 34
Matt Landen (USA), 28
Alexi Martinez (USA), 23
Tommy Nelson (USA), 29
Cody Stevenson (AUS), 29
Bennet van der Genugten (USA), 25
Team Sponsors:
Adageo Energy, Wonderful Pistachio, Leopard Bikes, Ultimate Sports Psychology, Liquid Fitness Coaching, Dr. Richard Hyman, Twinlab, Gordon Edelstein Krepack (, Pactimo, American Classic, Exustar, Skins, Smith Optics, PowerBar, Selle Italia.

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