TDU 2010....The PdC Tour Limo needs appropriate livery.



The wind is from the North.  It brings with it a dusty dryness that makes you just want to drink beer all day.  Training sometimes gets done when the moon is shining to the drone of a million air-conditioners.  Water stops need to be planned between bakeries for long rides through the still lush and green Adelaide Hills.

This is Summer riding in Adelaide yet on Sunday morning, as i did my 100km Meadows Bakery loop (which was shut for some selfish Philestine pig of a reason) I belive we reached critical mass.  Yup!! I believe I saw more cyclists than cars on Sunday morning.  Identically clad grupettos, couples, family groups and those competetive cyclists like myself out for a training ride.  This can mean only one thing....IT"S TOUR DOWN UNDER TIME!!!

Apart from Bobridge and Roe and Dennis who are local boys (and all beaten I may add by an even more exciting prospect of a young kiddie named Dale Parker on Saturday....yes folks, remember that name and who told you about him in future years), none of the riders have hit town yet...but soon, they will be here, i can smell it in the air.

This year, to improve my coverage of the race for you guys....I'm decking out the Volvo as a PdC TDU Media/Transport/Mobile Bar...resplendant with as many bike racks as i can get on's a seven seater so i guess seven will do. 


So...I'm looking for suggestions as to appropriate livery and signage.  I already think that an \0/ on the bonnet (hood) and a couple of Marmottes on the bumper bar (fender) will be a good start.  Hell I may even cut a hole in the roof,( roof)  force Turtur off the road and wave them off one stage if the mood so takes me....i'm starting to feel so irresponsible!!

The Limo will be available for all PdC members to utilise which is handy as a lot of the stages finish in the middle of nowhere this year....and I need some lifts.

There will also be a get-together on the Sunday evening of the Cancer Council Classic post race at my place to plan the weeks proceedings. Pool, BBQ, Fairy Lights and huge selection of crap 80's vinyl supplied.

CycleGirl and I will both be riding in a charity ride that morning so if it looks like we drink a lot it's because we may be dehydrated. 

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