I have a new hero

I have always thought positively about Allen Lim.  He has always seemed to be the man behind the man behind the scenes over at Camp Garmin.  But today I downed the full dose of kool-aid.  And the thing that pushed me over the edge from small flag waving to full body tattoo fanhood?  Once again, the brilliant interview stylings from Velocity Nation They cover a huge range of topics, from the physics of TTT's

to his approach to training

I've kinda stepped away from writing programs, because it doesn't suit my philosophical approach...And I'll end up being Socratic with them,

his big picture view of testing

If we could develop a system that could work, I think that the simplicity of a system or the goal of any system should be that it could work with any kind of activity whether it's gardening or going for a little walk or riding the Tour de France.

his place in the team

In my opinion, anything I can do to contribute to the whole entire team, not just the riders but the staff as well and make their lives easier and optimize things for the guys, lead by example and not be afraid to do hard work, I think helps to improve the environment.

young rider developmet

I think the amazing thing about physiology, genetics, biology is that we're all suited to do something great. It's about having the opportunity to find out what it is. If you're lucky enough as a kid to have a vast amount of experiences, then you're probably going to find something that you're really well suited for. And at that point you can do the hard work to be as good as you can. But I don't think this sport is suited for everyone.

But as a self professed geek, this part sealed the deal

My PhD is in physiology but half my dissertation involved biomechanics and aerodynamics. My dissertation was actually about speed, and how we understand speed in cycling, speed is about resistance and your capacity to produce power, it's a supply and demand issue. So you can't talk about economics without talking about supply and demand, and you can't talk about performance without talking about what holds these guys back versus what they can produce. The other side of my PhD was about stimulus response cause and effect. The notion of what stress is, what training load is, trying to understand different physiological responses to that. That work, ultimately, made me well suited for this environment.



Go check it out, there is so much more.  Seriously, I have raved about the interviews coming out of this site before...but can we just get them a Pulitzer already?


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