Why not me? Bradley Wiggins

Yep you read that right!  But it's not just jingoistic chanting from the football terraces - honest!

Why not?

The giro's previously undiscovered (albeit occasional) mountain goat finally comes good.  The giro was just training you know - it's a popular statement!  I tell you now he will be in yellow from (possibly) start to finish.

Your honour, I submit the following.....

Why he will win

The race pans out like this.....

Stage 1 - TT - Possible yellow, almost certainly top five. Weight loss, new found climbing abilities etc - course suddenly very suitable. 

Stages 2/3 - Bradley doesn't care.

Stage 4 - TTT.  Garmin's known objective.  In a worst case scenario Cance beat Brad stage 1.  Assume this beating manageable and the Garmen make back the time - Brad now definitely in yellow.

Stages 5/6 - Bradley doesn't care.

Stages 7/8/9 - Andorra, Brad hangs in with his new founds climbing skills, 8 & 9 have been emasculated as previously discussed elsewhere - so th Brad dont matter.

Stages 10/11/12 - Brad doesn't care.

Stage 13/14 - 13 = Vosges - Brad shits himself a bit, but CVV is domestique deluxe, gets through.  14 Brad doesn't care.

Stages 1516/17 - the Alps.  Hangs on going to Verbier.  Can do the bernards with the rest of them.  17 - loses time but not devastating.

Stage 18 - TT - makes the time back up

Stage 19 - Brad doesn't care

Stage 20 - The Garmen step up - Brad survives.

Stage 21 - Brad drinks champagne.

Why he won't win.

Perm one from several:

Can't climb; can't last three weeks; lacks dedication; lack of team support; other teams will blow him/Garmin away, etc etc

In conclusion - whilst I would love to see it I think unlikely.  To wear yellow during the race - almost certainly.  Also - it turned out to be very easy to make a case for a powerful TT man to win this tour, on this parcours, a la Indurain. 

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