Why not me? Oscar Pereiro Sio

Oscar is sat on his step watching the sunset, end of another pleasant day, and his mind wanders......  He is thinking....

I'm a Tour winner you know - give me some credit.  Normally when my name is mentioned in the same sentence as TdF they say "winner".  Punctuation matters, and can be deeply hurtful.  I'll show them.  This year's Tour is mine, all mine.  I don't get the respect I deserve. THIS IS MY MOMENT.

It worked once, they're not the brightest bunch, they'll fall for it again (and I haven't got to babysit AV) - mark my words.  All I have to do is.......

Keep quiet first few days.  Lose just the right amount of time in Stage 1 - 45 secs or so.  We will get creamed in the TTT - add another minute plus.  Have my usual crappy Pyreneees.  Am now minutes down (what they don't know is I've been sandbagging!!)

Get to the Vosges, go scouting for an ally - probably French.  Do deal - ride with me, have the stage.  (After Cav wins on Bastille Day they should be queueing up!!)  No radios today, anything could happen.

Now in yellow.  Get through Alps (remember - I can do Alps), Respectable TT, and still leading going to Ventoux.  The power of yellow (you can just hear Phil and Paul saying the m j makes you ride like ten men etc) sees me though.

I am finally recognized as the champion I am. I would like to thank my theme tune - for it's help along the way.

Why he should win

One of the nicest guys in the peloton.   To finally lay the "not worthy winner" ghost to rest.    Because we are lucky to be able to watch him riding after last year's horror fall.   In 2006 he handled sudden celebrity/demands of being the yellow jersey etc beautifully - you couldn't help yourself, you ended up liking him and wanting him to ride well. 

Because it would be the true fairy tale win - unrecognised winner, horror fall, team mate thrown off race, underdog comes good etc.  You wouldn't believe it if it were a film.

Why he could win

Slowly coming into form.  Has been finishing with the leading pack more often than not (albeit while riding quite anonymously).  Has been there, seen it, done it

Arguments against..

He just nevers wins!

Too nice for his own good.

Like yer man in the clip found out (voted out same week) Reality tv can be a bitch. 

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