More Quebec ProTour race details

Apparently many of theses details have been known for a while, but I'm just catching up now.  In short, the UCI has granted a five year protour license (to be re-evaluated after two years) for the two races in Quebec city and Montreal to be held September 10th and 12th respectively. 

Follow me for more details on the course, broadcasting, and grand vision. 

According to race organizer Serge Arsenault  "The courses are 99 percent selected"


Quebec city - Will use primarily the same course as the Tour de Beauce has used.  It will be 290km and travel through old Quebec.  Here is this years Tour de Beauce.

Montreal - This course is not totally finiallized but will be between 225 and 240km and use Mount Royal.  I can attest first hand that this is not an easy climb. The women's Wolrd cup event does an 11km lap that includes this if they do a similar course for the Protour event, that means that they will climb Mount Royal (takes off socks to count)...20-22 times.  This blows my mind. 

Broadcasting: The organizer of these events, Arsenault, is also the owner of a television network here in Quebec, and has said that the two events will be broadcasted in HD, and the best part..."we will use the cameramen and motorcycle drivers from the Tour de France."

Grand Vision: Though the license has been granted for 5 years (2010-2014) the success of the events will be evaluated in 2012, with the possibility of a six year extension at that time.  Arsenault has also discussed the possibility of a third event in Boston to make a two week series of regional one-day races in early September (haven't I heard that idea recently?).  He hinted that there is a possibility of a world championship bid in the future.  He also mentioned that after 2010 these two races will be moved back to the labour day weekend (Mountain Bike World Championships are in Quebec in 2010). 


Long story short...plan your fall vacations now...Quebec is the place to be.  We (North American cycling fans) need to demonstrate that at least this time, the UCI is not wrong to want to 'globalize' the sport of cycling.  Arsenault was the organizer of the men's road World Cup in Montreal in early 1990's.  He found that the sport was not ready at that time to leave Europe.  He hopes that it's ready now.  So do I.



CN & Canadian Cyclist

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