Armstrong's Bio Passport Critic Speaks

First of all, some may see this as a dead you, I apologize.  However, this seems to be a fairly rational rehashing of said dead horse. In short, Velocity nation interviews the scientist at the root of the recent allegations.


More on the flip

Velocity nation has followed up on their original post regarding LA's blood values.  Becuase there were unable to get anyone to speak on the record regarding the allegations (shocking I know), they went straight to the source, Jaekob Moerkeberg.  A couple interesting snippets...

First of all...why did he comment:

There was a journalist from Denmark’s Radio that approached me, called me last Tuesday. He asked if I had seen the results posted on Armstrong's website, and I had. Then he asked me how I interpreted the data, and I told him what I saw, and he asked me if I was willing to say that on television.

and what are his qualifications?

I'm an exercise physiologist, Copenhagen University graduating 2006, and I have just written up my PhD and submitted it one week ago, the PhD is about detecting autologous blood transfusions in an anti-doping context.

...and has published with Damsgaard and Ashenden.

Some details on his concerns:

I am not saying these values are suspicious because they are high. That is the whole point. I am talking about a lack of relative low values for that specific athlete, which you would expect from a physiological point of view at the end of the Tour.

and my personal favourite comment (my emphasis)...

...when you as an athlete choose by yourself to publish your values - then it's free for people to comment on them. This was his own decision. If you're not ready for that scrutiny, you shouldn't publish your values. If a journalist comes to me, it's because I've done work in this area, and want my opinion as a scientist. If he has got a problem with people commenting on his values, he shouldn't have chosen to publish them. When he does that, it's an open forum, it's public, and if something looks strange it would be wrong for me not to say that, when I was asked. If I didn’t say his values looked suspicious, I would dismiss the scientific literature, which I have based my comments on.

There is much more there as well, including comments regarding expected patterns in the presence of blood doping and his thoughts on the bio-passort...go check it out. It's nice to see that the younger generation of scientists, as well as the younger generation of cyclists (see Kohl, Bernard) seem to be leaving omerta behind.  It will be interesting to see what reprocussion result from this incident.

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