VDS Most Productive Riders so Far

This is not supposed to be a deep statiscal analysis, after all, the PdC have their own specialist on this mix of science and art. Anyway as I looked at the VDS results I was wondering who were the most productive riders so far. Thanks to Ted this is a very easy task. So I just exported to excel and sorted the data. 

A few impressions and the table on the Jump.

The top 25 (yes coincidentally the number of riders you need on a team).

Rider Price Score 2009 Score 2010 Points per Cost
Jens Keukeleire 1 0 325 325
Sacha Modolo 1 0 290 290
Bobbie Traksel 1 0 250 250
Sep Vanmarcke 1 0 250 250
Francesco Ginanni 1 0 225 225
Kris Boeckmans 1 0 205 205
Peter Sagan 1 0 175 175
Michel Kreder 1 0 140 140
Daniel Oss 1 0 140 140
Robert Förster 1 0 130 130
Rick Flens 1 0 125 125
Danilo Hondo 1 0 125 125
Björn Leukemans 4 230 475 119
Maxim Iglinskiy 6 345 685 114
Jure Kocjan 1 0 110 110
Sebastien Turgot 1 0 110 110
Tom Veelers 1 0 110 110
Juan Jose Haedo 2 20 210 105
Ivan Santaromita 1 0 105 105
Roberto Ferrari 2 10 200 100
Ian Stannard 1 0 100 100
Stijn Vandenbergh 1 0 100 100
Bernhard Eisel 4 245 390 98
Przemyslaw Niemiec 1 0 95 95
George Hincapie 4 222 360 90

Few Impressions:

- Mostly 1 pointers. I guess one should expect that so early in the season as any 1 point rider who scores a decent result should have and interesting productivity. The clear exception is Iglinsky and one could argue that he is having a hell of a season.

- There is an analysis already showing the effect of Cat 6 races (ursula or majope if I am not wrong), that is, not much. But looking at this data one could say that the most productive riders are getting their points on smaller races. Again some exceptions there with Eisel, Inglinsky, Big George etc......

- You could also argue that you could be in top 5 in the VDS spending just 41 points but do that there is no need to know better go with the Magic 8 ball. Hehehe.

Anyway as the season goes on this might dramatically change, specially with the Ardenes and all the GTs ahead but I was curious to look at how this was coming so far.

On the other side the most expensive riders not scoring so far:

Rider Price
Andy Schleck 24
Damiano Cunego 20
Franco Pellizotti 18
Alessandro Ballan 16
Ivan Basso 16
Simon Gerrans 16
Tony Martin 16
Sylvain Chavanel 14
Kim Kirchen 14
Fränk Schleck 14
Alexandre Vinokourov 14

Gerro, my friend, you'd better score something on the Ardennes!!!

So what else do you think? Disapointments, nice surprises so far Vs what you were expecting?

On my side pretty happy with Tony, Tommeke & Tyler and nice points from Sagan. Gerro! Wake up mate!!

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