The Damage on the Sport We Love

I didn't and I don't want to start another doping thread. Lately I was even avoiding this type of news and discussions. So why are you writing about it? Well, because this morning I was a little shocked.

I always thought that words like "this damages the sport we love" were words thrown in the wind. Words with no deeper meaning, despite acknowledging that all this scandals do indeed damage the sport. but when I got the newspaper today I was surprised.

Note: We are talking of the sports part of Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, where you usually find on its 5 to 8 pages 90% of chilean soccer news plus 8% of tennis when Gonzalez is doing well.

Half of the back page was talking about the Landis affair with a big picture of Lance and Landis while riding for US Postal. Meanwhile on 2cm X 5cm note: Pozzato wins 12nd stage.

Sadness on the flip 

It suddenly got to me that the damage is huge indeed. There are people that never hear about cycling and when they do what do they get? Landis. This is disgusting. 

I don't think anyone is going to stop riding their bike because of this but anyway..... The damage to competitive cycling is of course bigger than let's say cycling as a mean to keep you healthy or as a mean of transportation but since the very first time 2 guys rode a bike together there was racing and racing feedbacks the passion for the sport and it grows as a whole.

Maybe I am not being very clear on my points above. I think it is a mix of the realization of the damage together with some sadness....2 big bike races (one of them totally amazing and unpredictable) and what do we get people? what to we get? Doping.

Sorry for the mixed up text. I just thought I would write something where people would understand me.

Bah Landis. Bah Lance. Bah doping.

I think I will just ride my bike over the big mountains near the chilly, windy, rainy, Santiago. Sporting my PdC kit, off course. (yep it is a holiday here today)

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