Mt Hood Classic Post Race


Every race needs a wrap up.  Every winner needs a podium shot.  Others find family. This is Paul Mach and the Mach Clan post race on Sunday (sorry Dad, I honestly missed you there..).  Paul rode a conservative race on Sunday respecting the poor weather and slippery road conditions. Paul, winner ofthe 2009 edition of the race said he enjoyed the race, and granted that UHC had brought the stronger team to Mt Hood this year.


Usually the podium is a fairly restrained affair, riders accept the honors with dignity and decorum.  Mt Hood, Indie Hops and Full Sail handed the GC podium loaded weapons and Mike Creed (Team Type 1) put his to good use.


Chasing Third Placed Nathaniel English (Eschelon/Z Team)from his rightful spot.



Not to be out done, Marc de Maar (UHC) hosed down Creed and a couple members of the gallery.


In the end Mike got his, courtesy of Nate English.  Asked for his impressions, Mike expressed his praise for Break Away Productions for the overall handling of the event, the well designed stage routes, and added that aside form Sunday we'd been with the weather.

When asked about Saturdays attack from 20 km out, Nate English, who had been active in the Mt Adams break away, said he had seen some weakness in UHC during the course of the Wy'East Road Race and thought he could make a up some time, and possibly land a podium spot.  He allowed that, yes it was a difficult effort, and he put it all on the line.  He felt the dynamic in the three man break might have been better, but in the end the stronger man, Jonathan McCarty took the win.  His effort paid, in the third place overall, but he felt that another 20-30 seconds would have made all the difference.

Marc de Maar for his part was happy to win his first North American Stage race.  Coming off illness following the Tour of California, he said he had a rough first two days.  He was pleased to see that young Morgan Schmitt had the chance to wear the leaders jersey.  When Schmitt incurred the 20 second penalty for drafting, the team took it all in stride. De Maar said the jersey changed hands withing the team easily as he was probably the stronger rider.  He finished third on the Mt Adams Road Race, and fourth on the day at Wy'East.


That concludes the Mt Hood Cycling Classic for 2010. 

Filed: Park City Utah by Christopher See for

All images copyright Christopher See used with permission.

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