Poll: Where Should Contador sign?

Just for fun. Here are the possible teams as I see them. 

-First though realise that Contador has this big (how big?) contract with Specialized that looks like will follow him around wherever he signs.

-Also Contador seems to want to keep his mountain goat buddies with him. That means Navarro, Hernandez, and Noval, and may or may not include a couple of others like De La Fuente, etc. The Specialized money would help with this.

Now the possible teams and how and why:

- Bjarne Riis' new team. It's an open secret that the Schleck brothers are forming a new Luxembourg-based team. They may be bringing some of their old Saxo teammates with them (and obviously they need other teammates as well.) Saxo Bank is ending their sponsorship and it was announced at the Tour that Sungard was stepping in as co-sponsor of Riis' new team along with an as yet undisclosed sponsor who's name will be on the front of the jersey (could it be Podium Cafe??????). Immediately speculation was raised that it is indeed Specialized but there's been no confirmation of that yet.  But if so, Contador might be part of that package.

- Astana Some folks here think Contador is still gonna re-sign with his old team and his not signing yet is just a negotiating ploy. Vino sure liked him.

- Quickstep. Last spring they went so far as to say that Contador would be riding for them next year. If nothing else, that statement showed that teams have been talking to the Contador camp for months now, but if Contador does sign with Quickstep, we can only say that we were warned. Also, Contador did say last winter that he had been in close negotiations with Quickstep.

- Garmin. Supposedly when Astana was having it's funny cash flow problems in 2009 and it seems like they might dissolve, Garmin was first in line for Contador's services. Since then Vaughters has continued to hope to sign the guy. 

-Caisse d'Epargne or some reconstituted Spanish team.  Caisse d'Epargne is leaving the sponsorship business or else this would probably be the #1 favorite. But there's that Specialized money...

Those are the top five teams that we know of.  Where should Contador sign?

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