2010 Cycling Resolutions - Mid Season Check

The raceagedon week (aka, shaity races week) is a good opportunity for a mid season check on performance. So far we have seen how the PRO Teams are doing, how our VDS teams are doing and even how the PdC World Ranking is doing.

The pro riders must be doing the same. While some have already shut down for the year and are focused on their new teams and contracts (I am looking at you Bert) some are trying to recover from an unsuccessful first half of the season and others are planning to be World Champs.

Which bring us to the inevitable question: how are each of us doing? Versus what? What are you talking about Alexandre?

Well, some months ago Mr Van P asked as what were our cycling resolution for the new year. A lot of us posted our commitments here. With the mid winter coming (for us strange Southern Hemisphere people anyway) I was wondering how I was doing Vs what I committed. So I looked back that post to check....

On the jump: How I am doing and the inevitable question: How are you doing on that?

My goals/resolutions were:

1)Ride more with friends/colleagues
2) Do more long/epic rides, specially in sightseeing places. Use the rides to know the places instead of visiting then by car or not going at all. In summary: be deliberate about where I ride instead of always doing the same loop.
3) Do a MTB stage race (and finish it!)
4) Do only well organized and fun events
5) Improve my time and or my tactics if I run the same event and specially eating the right amount of calories for the size of the race/event.

And the result is:

1) Check. I included a group ride every other weekend.

2) Check. In the first quarter I already did 2 rides to "sights of interest". Now going to Panama I discovered that there some guys that go out every weekend on different routes. I will have to check on that.

3) Not yet. But I have a target: Claro Brasil Ride (, Nov 14th to Nov 20th. I am registered and my duo even got some support from Gillette Deodorants (check this link and find what gillette deodorantes, PdC and Leif Hoste have in common) and Duracell. Now it is about training and having the toughness needed to complete it.

4) Check

5) Check for last event/race. Felt with energy all the way to end and also had a better recovery. (I am learning a lot)

Net a good Cycling Semester. Happy with it.

Ride lots. Ride Safe. Peace.

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