2011 Santos Tour Down Under alternative preview.



Me and me mates here in South Oz wanna take the time out to invite all you folks in the antipodes (and even further) to join us on a little tour of our own back-yard. I'll be fair dinkum to yas all and not tell you a lie, but the best way to get a squidge at my local views is to grease up the chain on the old Malvern Star, even give ya best cobber a dinky on the bars (if ya not too pissed from the Barbie the night before) and see it from the saddle.

Problem is, every bloody January the place gets taken over by a mob o pooftah's from overseas with their slick hair and winter tans so I have to share the road with a mob of wogs wearing pink....streuth mate, I had to ride past em otherwise me mates down the pub woulda called me a sheila and made me drink Chardy!


I invited them to chase me up Corkscrew but they declined, preferring the softer climb up the Gorge...told ya!!

Well, that's quite enough Strine for the moment.

I'm a bit ill prepared for this years TDU. I've only missed a hand full of stages of the TDU since it's inception in 1998 and I'd all but decided to man the Ambulance this year for a change, but I think that management might have got wind of an article I wrote where I claimed that Lance Armstrong had stolen my story and they were a little scared about the stalking aspect.  So, instead, at the last minute I'm going to do what I always do which is fill up the tank in the Volvo, pump up the Michies on the Madone, act like a child and stalk all 126 of them for a week.

As usual, the race kicks of on Sunday night with the Cancer Council Classic. Pissing rights for the 2011 season on the line. If you want maps, profiles, start lists etcetera etcetera etcetera (claps hands), here is the official site

The Chickie Babes are racing first.  I'll be a bit sad not to be able to give our very own Miffy G a big cheer up with the PdC banner and my missus has decided that one race with the pro's is enough for now so without distraction I should be able to get some good snaps of the girls when the sun is high. 

I'm on night shift tonight...a warm Saturday night hmmmmmm! I don't finish until 8 AM so I don't think i'll be able to make the start of the Ride Like Crazy which starts at 7....but i'll ride it anyway...I like giving people a start :-) This could set the tone for the week I think. I'm having problems with new technology as far as linking photos etc but I'm sure I'll have that sorted soon.

The 2011 World Pro Tour Road Race Cycling season is about to begin...I'm as excited as ever.

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