Diamant Bang nominees thread

Before I'm totally at the arrow and Chris at the mower


I am back again. Second year of the diamand bang! The competition about the bigggest surprise or upset from this year, cycling related. Last year ''Contador getting busted'' went away with the prize. Hopefully the diamond bang is a little more joyfull this year. You find more nominees from last year here and here. What is it going to be this year? 

The Diamond Bang could be anything. Rider who surprised you.. Poels! Team which stunned your mind, course, stage, GT which turned out be more excited. A DS who opend your mouth saying Whaaa.. Or anything.. As long as the rider, person, newssite, cyclingthing turned out to be more surprising/different/eyeopener than you have expected.

My nominations:

The precious, the darling the eeeh.. Yeah Voeckler. What an astonishig season. But one perfomance stunned everyone's mind. His Tour de France. How much has he died in that race? With astonishing much courage, deternination he could hang in the top 5 of the Tour. Made 2 mistakes: Decending in first row and attacking waaaaaaaay too early to chase Contador and A. Schleck. He could have won this. Pourqoui mon petit? Pourqoui les mistakes?


Take your mind back to the preseason. First classic. A Rabo boy is riding with a minute advantage on the road. There is of course one man who is interested in the chase/: Jan Anton Pijl. Kilometer after kilometer he chase and slowly but surely the advantage of Langeveld decreases. 10 seconds left. All the cars are gone. Flecha can almost touch his prey. But than it happens. Second by second Langeveld rides away. Than he makes a tactical misstep. he sits up. Flecha joins him and we get a nice last 10 km. Flecha tries one time to get away but Langeveld counters. In the last km Langeveld is in front. Sprint starts, speed goes up, Flecha gets closer, Langeveld throws his bike a little to Flecha's side, one peddle strok Flecha has to hold. Langeveld wins with half a wheel. Finally victory. That Dutch hegemony is coming. OHN my second nominee.

Right. If you nominee, a little explanation is always welcome!

You have till 25/10/2011 to nominee!

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