Techs/Mechs: Show us your bike!

OK, first of all, the title is nowhere near as cool as in 2009 when perezbike posted My Bike Doesn't Take a Picture of Me, but, meh, it'll work.

Around the time Ted King broke his collarbone in Philly (June), I got an idea for another "post pix of your bike" thread and maybe invite Ted to critique them KoS Style (while he's recovering).  Then Ant1 mentioned someting about posting some photos...and then neither one of us did anything else.  So, since it's officially the slow, cyclocross, no longer road season, here's an opportunity to post a pic or two (or seven) of your bike and give a brief description and/or your opinion on frame/components/wheels and what you like/dislike/would change if you could.

I'll start on the flizzy - 


via (itswells)

Here is my Serotta.  I bought it at the end of 1994 with dreams of "getting serious about racing" going into '95.  I went to an LBS for a "Fit Kit" session and ended up ordering this frame built with Shimano Ultegra and some Heavy Duty Mavic Open 4 wheels.  I "retired" from racing at the end of '97 and, after I got hung for several years from the ceiling of the garage.  I tried to ride it on occasion, but once my abused shifters quit shifting, I had to give up trying.  FFwd to 2009/2010, I had worked a bunch of O/T and saved up enough $$ for a new gruppo, wheelset and pedals...So here it is -

  • 1994 Serotta Colorado TG (TIG'd Steel)
  • Size: 57L (TT is an extra 0.5 cm, so while the ST = 57, the TT = 57.5)
  • Gruppo: SRAM Force
  • Wheelset: Neuvation SL5 (F) & SL6 (R) / Tires: Continental GP 3000
  • Stem: 120mm Control Tech (yes, it's a quill) / Headset: Chris King (threaded [yes, threaded])
  • Handlebars: Scott Deep Drop LF
  • Color: Midnight with Silver decals (more on that below)


    via (itswells)

    I wanted to include the above picture for a couple reasons: 1) the Frame Pump is "Bodacious Blue" which was the original color of the bike's frame.  In the summer of '96, my RD got caught in the spokes on a training ride and twisted the dropout rather grotesquely toward the sky.  (To this day, I have no idea why I was in my 23 in the flat lands of Va Beach..but I was).  No problem, I'll just strip all the stuff, send it to Serotta for a dropout replacement...which was only $100.  Managable.  BUT, it was $300 to RE-PAINT the entire frame!  Anyhoo, just as they were about to repaint it, they called me and said "we don't have Bodacious Blue in stock anymore."  I requested a "dark blue" (my signature color) and they offered "Midnight" which looks black at first glance, but awesomely deep blue when the sun hits it.  Sounds good.  Make it happen.  2) And just as the guy was about to hang up, he says "hey, you want us to paint your name on the top tube, too?"  Heck yes I do!

    Well, there's my extra long rant describing my bike.  The fork is steel.  The handlebars look way too old skool.  And I don't spend nearly as much time on it as I'd like.  But, I still love it and it rides like buttah.  I'm getting a little verklampt just thinking about it - -(gasp)--Talk amongst  yourselves - - Let me give you a topic:  Podium Cafe is neither a podium nor a cafe.  Discuss...

    Okay,, get 'em polished up (or not).  And let us have a look-see...

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