Ticket ballot open for 2012 Olympics!

You've probably seen this in other places, but the process for buying tickets to London 2012 has opened.

Tickets will be allocated by ballot, and NOT on a first-come, first-served basis, so you have plenty of time - you can apply for tickets right up to 11:59pm 26th April 2011 (that's something like 00:59 CEST - all clocks should have changed by then...)

All the information on how to apply for tickets is on this official website - for UK and EU residents, you apply through that site, for non-EU residents, you need to apply through your National Olympic Committee or National Paralympic Committee (find them here).

You'll need a Visa card, and your details will be taken before the tickets are allocated.  If you "win" any, your card will be debited between 10th May and 10th June 2011. The website says everyone will be notified by 24th June, but I guess a credit card deduction, or lack of one, will give things away...  More info on the ticketing timeline here.

More info on the cycling events below....  and remember the Road Races (28th & 29th July) & ITTs (1st August, starting & finishing at Hampton Court) will be free to watch, as long as you get a spot road-side.

Apparently the track cycling on 2nd-7th August is going to be one of the most popular events, and that's reflected in the prices.  Follow the link for more information, but the prices are £50-£325 for the sessions that include the finals, and £20-£150 for the sessions that are only qualis & an omnium round.

It will be cheaper to watch the BMX, on 8th, 9th & 10th August, from 15:00.  Tickets start at £20 and the most expensive are £95/session.

Both of those will be at the new cycling centre on the Olympic Park, which will have lots of tube & bus access (hands up if you think London will manage to make that a hellish experience!)

Mountain Bike comps are on 11th & 12th August at Hadleigh Farm in Essex, which can't be more than an hour or two outside central London, and there are only 2 classes of tickets - £20 and £40

If you've got any questions I can do my best to rummage about on the website & find answers (if, y'know, you failed yourself, haha!).  If you're in Europe, and want to come across by train from practically anywhere, this site is fantastic for train-to-London info, including how to get bikes across (the travel between Amsterdam & London looks particularly fun)

Exciting, huh?

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