VDS Smack!: Driedaagse West Vlaanderen & Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia Overview

This is a pretty big points weekend for the VDS competition so it's best to break down the smacking because of the Eroica and Paris-Nice are on Saturday/starts on Sunday. Friday marks the beginning of the first two stage races for the VDS season...

Startlist for the Driedaagse van West Vlaanderen

The lesser known Driedaagse is going with a different, though not new, format of having a short TT the first day then two road stages. They did this a few times in the mid to early '00s but with the Handzame stage breaking off and forming its own single day semi-classic, they moved back to this format.

The race is typical West Flanders...Flat, windy, not super great weather and a couple of hills.

(links to google map)

Prologue- 7km along the coast in Middlekerke

Stage 1- Kortrijk to Bellegem...FLAT

Stage 2- Nieuwport to Ichtegem...Pretty Awesome stage including a 2000m stretch of cobbles (Steenstraat), Kemmelberg and 10 climbs, 6 of which come on the final circuits.

Best thing about this race is probably for their amazing leader's jerseys

Startlist for Vuelta Ciclista a Murcia

*Apparently 25 Sep's Vanmarcke is starting so unknown which Garvelo won't be

2 stages for chopped from this year's edition because of financial restraints so only 3 stages this year but they will be action packed

Stage 1 looks a lot hillier on the profile than it really is but it ends on a 12km downhill after a category 3 climb up to 400m in elevation.

Stage 2 is definitely a proper mountain stage with with the race climaxing at the Alto del Collado Bermejo and a short downhill to the finish. It's going to be a dandy with the likes of Contador, Anton, Menchov, Sastre etc.


Stage 3 is a short TT with a little lump in the middle but will be a GC decider if Saturday didn't sort that out.

The Rob Goris Show is saving up for P-N...I only have 2 in both races.

Rambo Eeckhout and Kruopis in W-V then Anton & Matthews in Murcia *edit-Seems like I also have Poels for Murcia too...might be a nice little race for me .*

(Thanks Region de Murcia website for the graphic)

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