VDS Highest Value Riders after the classics..

So I will be trying to keep up on this as we go throughout the year.


Well Classics season is behind us...... I have left a moment of silence to mourn the passing of yet another year of fantastic classics racing. So how have the Classics affected the fortunes of those of us VDS addicted types. Once again I will be looking at the riders overall Value.

Value will be determined using This System since it is the one I like the best. Oh and I will using 55 as the number of points required per point in order for a rider to pay off. Since we won't know this years actual number until after the season.

Results on the flip after I say that

the number one rider is Phil Gil....

No not quite.

Nick Nuyens 480

Andreas Kloden 402

Alessandro Ballan 400

Matthew Hayman 330

Philippe Gilbert 270

Sebastien Langeveld 263

Bram Tankink 238

Jure Kocjan 205

Denis Galimzyanov 170

Pavel Brutt 170

Sylvain Chavanel 165

Martin Tjallingii 165

Bjorn Leukemans 160

Pim Lithgart 145

Jelle Vanendert 135

Johan Vansummeren 130

Jurgen Roelandts 120

Stefan van Dijk 120

Yauheni Hutarovich 115

David Lopez 115


So that is your top twenty most Valuable riders after the Classics Season.

The Cream is definitely rising to the top as we get more races under out belt. Only eight riders costing 10 or more points have yet to score a point and one of those is Ricco.

The top 18+ pointer is of course the uber dominant Phillipe Gilbert. There is no wondering this year whether or not those twenty eight points were a good investment or not. Phil has not only returned your investment in full he is already adding interest to your account.

Purchasers of Fabian Cancellara should not fret. Although he did miss out on paying off during Classics Season he only did so by 15 points, he is nicely bracketed between Phil and Samsan one 300 points ahead and one 300 points behind. So far these guys are the true studs of the Classics Season. They will now take a bit of time away from the spot light as the Stage Racers take over for a few months.

The top 16 Pointer is Michele Scarponi at -115 proving that Stage racers can still net you points during Classics Season even if they don't ride the Classics. Scarponi is looking sure to pay off during the Giro, making him one of the better purchases from the upper classmen.

The top 14 pointer is Roman Kreuziger at -495. For a guy who has been almost invisible for most of the year and has his main targets still ahead of him this is not bad. He should be able to make the paying category with a decent romandie, Giro, Austria, Vuelta run coming over the rest of the season. If he is there or thereabouts for the rest of the year he will make his DS's happy.

The top 12 pointer is Matthew Goss at -239. If he can start to get some sprint results in SSR's to match his MSR win he should most definitely pay off.

The top 10 pointer is the only other guy who cost double digits to be in the top 10. I probably don't need to tell Bjorn Leukemans DS's that he is having a great season. Already paying back 170 points over his cost. Solid riding throughout the Classics has served him well.

The top 8 pointer is Greg Van Avermaet. Only five points from paying off, he has been all over the action this classics season and despite being the man in the early moves for BMC he has still managed to hang around and collect points. Chapeau on some fantastic riding young man!

The top six pointer is of course Alessandro Ballan no wins but lots of consistent high placings will do you well.

and of course our top 4 pointer is the man at the top of the Table Nick Nuyens. Winning a Classic and a Monument will do that for you.

Hayman and Brutt round out our top of category riders in the 2 and 1 point categories respectively.

For those interested in the lantern rouge competition, it is certainly looking to be a lock for Ricco, although a particular CAS decision could make one Accountant a certainty to finish in last. As for riders actually racing and not riding under thunderclouds, we have some interesting names.

The current lantern rouge is:

Mark Cavendish -1070

Thor Hushovd -1060

Vincenzo Nibali -1030

Andy Schleck -975

Luis Leon Sanchez -880

None of these guys need more than 200 points to catch Ricco, in fact if LuLu can manage a single point somewhere he will pass Ricco. These guys all need to find big caches of points somewhere in order to reach paying status.

Cav is of course looking forward to Stage Racing Season so that he can start bagging big points.

Nibs is focusing on that silly three week race in Italy. A podium there with some stage results should get him into paying land.

Andy has that race around France that he fancies. The top step of that podium will definitely put him into the black.

LuLu, is he just a domestique this year? Hopefully, for those that forked out 16 points for him, he will actually get to race for himself at some point this year.

Thor Hushovd, wow what a difference a year makes. He's only got 150 points and will likely spend most of the rest of the year working for Farrar. His only hope is that he gets some leftovers and the World title again. Not that he's likely to win this years Worlds. If it comes down to a sprint he will likely be outclassed by better sprinters with bigger trains, and if its not a sprint Phil Gil will win. He hasn't had a bad season, its just that all his hard work is not showing on the results sheet.

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