VDS Highest Value Riders after the Giro

Well the Cobbles have hammered the Classicists into submission, and the peloton has suffered around the Italian countryside. So how has this all affected the VDS. The pointsalanche at the end of the Giro has reshuffled the order of everything.

I have had a personally satisfying Giro VDSwise, just missing the top ten teams by 55 points. Hopefully the strategy of having lots of guys riding in two grand tours will pay off in the long haul.

But who is the best Value rider and how do we figure this out?

Well the figuring is done using This System, I am using 55 as the points per point to pay off since we won't know the real number until seasons end.

So who is the Best Value Rider after the Giro?

Answers after the flip, but be warned Operation Puerto and doping bans are hanging around the podium like a cloud. 

And the Most Valuable Rider is, Alberto Contador, with a Value of 694 he is currently doing very well. A continuing run of consistent GT performance at the Tour will definitely see AC being the most valuable rider until sometime in August. At that point he could do a Valv Piti and hand back a goose egg, oh well superstars under doping clouds, they sure are risky business.  Sometimes you just gotta say what the Fsck.


The Second most Valuable Rider is Michele Scarponi, with a Value of  550, a consistent point hoover so far this season. Getting results throughout the spring will always pay off. Scarponi has been hanging around the top of the leader board in almost every race he participated in. No days off for this fella, just the way I like my VDS performers.

The Third Most Valuable Rider is Phil Gil, with a Value of 480. Wow the magnificent spring continues. Phil just can't seem to stop gathering points like the pied piper of haemlin. Up, Up, Up, goes the fortunes of this fantastic talent.


So who else rounds out the Top Ten? Mostly the familiar names from past lists.

4 Nick Nuyens 480

5 Jose Rujano 405 Thrid best climber in the world folks!

6 Andreas Kloden 402

7 Alessandro Ballan 400

8 John Gadret 400

9 Matthew Hayman 330

10 Marcel Kittel 330

Top Catergory riders are:

Top 21 point plus: Alberto Contador 694

Top 18-20 Point : Samuel Sanchez -315

Top 16 Point: Michele Scarponi 550

Top 14 Point: Roman Kreuziger 5

Top 12 Point: Matt Goss -189

Top 10 Point: Bjorn Leukemans 270

Top 8 Point: Greg Van Avermaet 140

Top 6 Point: Andreas Kloden 402

Top 4 point: Nick Nuyens 480

Top 2 Point: Jose Rujano 405

Top 1 Point: Marcel Kittel 330


Wow a GT will certainly change the VDS landscape won't it. But hey, there doesn't seem to be any slowing Phil Gil down does there! Wow anyone betting that this would be the year he doesn't come up roses (me) is kicking themselves.

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