Converted by the sword

I need your help to convert a guy to cycling. I promise it won't be difficult or take much of your time. Here's the how and why of it.

I recently started a new job and one of the things that has been interesting to me about it is that I am the first person to ride a bike to work. Sometimes it's easy to forget what a novelty that sort of thing might be. So it's been interesting to experience the bemusement of many of my colleagues, and the interest of others.

One in particular has taken great delight in telling me on a daily basis that I should be hit by a truck...

Now the man is not really serious when he says that, but we're all familiar with the language of violence that motorists feel entitled to if they've ever had to slow down before passing a cyclist. This angst has been the basis for quite a lot of fun back and forth between the two of us. I keep sending him links to bikes and mapping out rides for him, and he, well he tells me I'm lucky I don't ride the same roads he drives... and that I should be hit by a truck.

Our national Ride To Work day is held in October and registrations have opened up for the year. I've been hassling this guy about riding to work for a couple of weeks now. This week I asked him to name a figure, to tell me how much money I'd need to raise for charity to get him to ride to work.

So I need your help. The target he's set is $5,000 and I'm determined to put this man on a bike by the time October rolls around. We've set up a fundraising page for him here.

If you're not able to donate, that's fine, but please help by spreading the word. I'll provide updates every now and then on our fundraising progress.


I'm so determined, I've actually already signed him up.


Our company has decided to take advantage of the opportunity for some good PR and will be promoting the hell out of this little endeavour. I haven't seen the results yet, but they were recording some video with the spokesman of our retail brand today. This whole thing is going to become a lot more fun.

Thanks again to everyone who's donated and helped to put the word out.

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