The Sound of the Peloton

I can't cook, I don't have a book to give away, we've already had a hottitude thread, and I don't plan on assassinating Tourbecco.  So for this rest day thread, I looked to my ipod.  What songs capture the spirit of a rider, a team, stage, or crazy spectator?  Here are my suggestions, please add you own.

After the jump...

Thomas Voeckler- Coldplay- 'Yellow'.  Or perhaps Roisin Murphy’s ‘Orally Fixated’.

Alberto Contador- The Hoosier Hot Shots- ‘I like Bananas, Because they Have No Bones’.  Maybe his form merits Daft Punk’s ‘Human After All’, or the Scissor Sisters ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ (on those pedals).  His reported saddle sores may have him doing the Dungeon Family’s ‘Crooked Booty’.

Cadel Evans- Blossom Dearie- ‘I’m Shadowing You’.  He showed some grinta and panache in attacking on the middling finishes, now Cadel’s going to just try to hang on in the Alps and bide his time before Grenoble.

Sammy Sanchez- Morrissey- ‘The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get’.

 Jelle Vanendert- Louis Armstrong vs Radiohead- 'What A Wonderful Surprise'.  This mash-up of the upliftng standard ‘What A Wonderful World’ and the instrumental from Radiohead’s miserable classic ‘No Suprises’ seems to fit Jelle’s tour- He’s won a stage and become the next great Belgium climbing hope, but only had the freedom to show his stuff because of the awful crash of Jurgen Van Den Broeck, Belgium’s previous next great climbing hope.

Jens!- Tom Lehrer- ‘The Masochism Tango’.  Shut up legs!

Andy Schleck- Oscar Brown Jr- ‘Brother Where Are You’.  He could also give a spin to Bon Iver- ‘Skinny Love’. 

Stuey O’Grady- Doves- ‘Pounding’.

Nicki the Chef at Team Leopard- Josh Pyke- ‘Fed and Watered’.

Fabian Cancellara- Kate Miller-Heidke- ‘Motorscooter’.  Or R Kelly’s ‘Ignition- remix’.

Team LeOpard Trek- The White Stripes- ‘Seven Nation Army’. Those seven nations: Luxembourg (Thin and Fat Schleck); Germany (Jens! And Linus); The Netherlands (Posthuma); Australia (Stuey); Denmark (Fuglsang); Belgium (Monfort); Switzerland (Spartacus).

Team Europcar- ‘The Mateship’ from Keating! The musical.  Or, for an all-french team, MC Solaar’s ‘La Vie Est Belle’.

Team Euskaltel-Euskadi- D’Angelo- ‘Spanish Joint’.

Team Movistar- Roisin Murphy- ‘Movie Star’.

Team HTC-Highroad- Herbert- ‘Moving Like A Train’.

Team Saur-Sojasun-  Townes Van Zandt- 'Nothin’.  Or anything by The Who.

Alp D’Huez- Doves- ‘Friday’s Dust’.

Johann Bruyneel- Pet Shop Boys & Dusty Springfield- ‘What Have I Done to Deserve This?’.  Don’t answer that.

Tom Boonen- Gotye- 'Somebody I Used To Know'.

David Moncoutie- Crowded House- ‘It’s Only Natural’. 

Robert Gesink- The Avalanches- ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’.

Mark Renshaw & Mark Cavendish- Patti LuPone- ‘I Get A Kick Out Of You’.

Thor (smash)- Herbie Hancock- ‘Chameleon’.  The soundtrack to his attack on the Col D’Aubisque could be Freelance Hellraiser’s mashup (The Strokes vs Christina Aguilera)- ‘A Stroke of Genius’.

The driver of the F2 TV car- Johnny Cash- ‘Folsom Prison Blues’.

Bottle Man- The entire White Stripes Album Get Behind Me Satan.  There’s a new crazy spectator about.  Now with extra marketing.

The Grupetto-  Trad. - ‘The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round’.

Andrey Amador, the current Lanterne Rouge- The Police- ‘Roxanne’.

The Nature Break- Lucinda Williams- ‘Side of the Road’.

Johnny Hoogerland- De Dijk- ‘Groot Hart’.  Or Crowded House- ‘Four Seasons In One Day’.

Johnny Hoogerland & Juan Antonio Flecha- Percy Grainger- ‘The Warriors’.  The final few minutes of this composition are exultant, and hopefully that’s what Johnny and Juan Antonio will be feeling as they ride into Paris.

Benat Intxausti- Paul Kelly- ‘Look So Fine, Feel So Low’. (for Albertina).

Cadel Evan’s friend Serge- Dawn Landes- ‘Bodyguard’.

Aussies watching Le Tour- REM- ‘Daysleeper’.

Tony Martin- The Whitlams- ‘Out the Back’.

Vino- TV On The Radio- ‘Ambulance’.

Laurens Ten Dam- Vampire Weekend- ‘One (Blake’s Got A New Face)’.

Jeremy Roy- Matisyahu- ‘King Without A Crown’.  No stage win, but not for lack of effort.  A day in polka dots will have to do for now.

Stage 14- Tina Turner- ‘River Deep, Mountain High’.

The Peleton during Stage 21- Blondie vs The Doors (Go Home Productions)- ‘Rapture Riders’.

The Spanish Cycling Federation- Dusty Springfield- ‘Nothing Has Been Proved’.

Raymond Poulidor- Linda Ronstadt- ‘Lose Again’.

Denmarks former Great White Hope- D’Angelo- ‘Chicken Grease’.

The Tour Itself- Queen- ‘Bicycle Race’.  Ring ring!

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