How about a little game of words and associations?

You know the one when someone saying a word and you saying first thing witch come to your mind.

And of course the theme is The Tour.

I will start first after the jump.


Saxo - they all felt collective pain in Contador’s knee.

Leopard - so close again, but so not there! And Cance is human after all!

Euskatel - Sam San, no one else deserves Polka Dots more then him!

Lotto - Gillbert! A little bit Gorilla. Deep disappointment after they lost Jurgen!

Rabobank - Poor hurting Bobo, My new hero Laurens “ Jens” Ten Dam!

Garmin - TTT formation. Thundering Thor on Friday and Tuesday. Yellow+ Rainbow combo for 7 days!

Astana - Vino and his last race! And nothing else!

RadioShack - Did they went to the Tour or to the War?

Movistar - Rojas! I think Cav has a healthy doze of respect for this guy now!

Liquigas - I heard Basso was in the France! I saw Szmyd on a few occasions, so Ivan was probably right

Behind, no?

AG2R - Inspector? Mr. Gadret? What too much for you? And Roche still waiting for his bike from the last year?

SKY - Wigo is out! But then come EBH and Thomas to save the team’s face!

Quickstep - Ah! Poor Tommeke! Even modern helmets not always enough!

FDJ - TDF is 21 Stages. Roy was in breakaways at least 50 times, or so it seams like to me!

BMC - CADEL EVANS kissing the stuffed Lion! Yellow dream come true! Yellow memory forever!

Cofidis - Rein of Terror! Yeah, I saw what you can do! So maybe next year?

Lampre - Did someone forget to wake Ale Jet? And Little Prince, I am not sure, but I think I saw you

A few times!

HTC - CAAAAAV, My best memories of the July 2011! Lars,Mark, Bernhard, Matthew, Tony, Danny, Tejay and Peter, Thank you guys for made this possible!

Eurocar - Miracle names Voeckeler! And Pierre one of the creators of this miracle!

Katusha - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, oh wait a second, Mullet pushing Contador in a ditch.

VacansOleoil - Real men cries too! And Thomas the mountain goat and TT specialist! ( Am I dreaming?)

Saur - I know you guy were there! I just love the sound of the name Yannick Talabardon!

I would love to sign my department’s quarterly financial report with the name

TALABARDON - sounds so manly and uncompromising.



And now is your turn.







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