London-Surrey Cycle Classic - what thebongolian saw

This weekend saw the dry run for the 2012 Olympics road race - a 130 km romp out of London into the Surrey Hills and back. Albertina has already shared her photos which mostly seem to involve stalking poor, defenceless, topless cyclists. I'll try you some of what went on in the race.

But first the sign-on and some teams the PdC may like:


(Yappie) Aussies


The Yanks


The Brits

(You can see the other teams including proof Luxembourg has riders not called Schleck or Kirchen on my flickr)

After the sign-on there was a fair bit of milling around:


Some Dutch ladies who clearly come from an enlightened country which would have run a women's race as well...


Kristian House ahead of his excellent ride


The French (yes, Samuel Dumoulin is actually standing up...)

Then they were off


Down the Mall, past Buck House, out through southwest London, twice round the Boxhill loop. Meanwhile I went for a very agreeable brunch (mmm, black pudding...) and tried to follow what was going. Then it was back to the Mall to see...


Cav kicking butt! Followed by dribs and drabs of riders coming in (including some Mamils who'd snuck onto the course...). Then it was over, the winners peed into cups and it was time for the podium ceremony including Pat McQuaid getting some boos from the crowd.


Kristian House winning the KOM prize


The top three

And that's apparently how you prepare for the Olympics. Well not quite, I'll leave the final words to the lady holding this sign...


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