The (real) GreenEDGE Kit


It's a bit lairy, but I don't mind it. GE had their team launch today for media...very low key. Nygaard has changed his tune on presentations, saying that riders are not circus performers. And fortunately, there are no scarves. So far, the Garmin kit is by far my favourite, but given my aversion to green and gold, I think this could be worse. The challenge will be designing a national kit for Fumy Beppu. Red and white with this is going to be hard.

***Douglas sez - I was in the act of throwing up a kit review as I saw this, so lets do a combine, shall we? ***

Green edge has released an interesting kit, I think. Shall we start with the shorts and work our way up? First off, I like the black center of the shorts. Classic, and no risk of, ahem, accidents. The side bands add a nice splash of national colors. Plus, I dig the faded approach they took.

Nygaard obviously took sartorial advice from half of the peleton with the black upper 1/3 of the jersey with a lighter colored bottom portion. The only real innovation Green Edge adds is the big swoopy loopty-doo on the bottom. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan. It's their symbol, but it's hard to make it not look awkward. On the plus side, it's way less awkward than the Saxo crotch eagle. The rest of the jersey is sharp.

Overall, the kit is likely going to look a lot better on the bike than on the podium, as the discord between the shorts and jersey in the front will be hidden.

Special attention simply must be paid to Gerran's national champs jersey because it is Green Edge's dream-come-true combo of national team and national champion. The jersey is very classic - it looks a lot like Robbie McEwen's jersey from his days at Lotto. It's no wonder they kept the same design - it is crisp and pops out of the sea of jerseys on a TV screen. Fortunately, GE left out the white shorts. The solution - using the same shorts as the rest of the team with the addition of an additional white stripe down the side - doesn't match the vibe of the top, though. While the top is all about crisp lines, the shorts revolve around the fading of green into yellow - a mixture that goes together about as well as plaid and stripes.

Overall Evaluation:

Effort: A

Execution: B+ for team, B- for Gerrans' kit

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