TDU Stage 6 Live: Showdown in Adelaide Either way, this is the 'Redemption Song'


Gratuitous image of the obviously glorious Heinrich Haussler :)

tumblr_ly58vkCLeZ1qfzhjeo1_500 (via seahorse5751)

The amazingly talented Veeral Patel took this photo. You can find his work at his website

GC Standings before Stage Six

1: Simon Gerrans (AUS) – GEC 2: Alejandro Valverde (ESP) – MOV 3: Tiago Machado (POR) – RNT 4: Michael Rogers (AUS) – SKY 5: Rohan Dennis (AUS – SA) – UNA 6: Edvald Boasson Hagen (NOR) – SKY 7: Jan Bakelants (BEL) – RNT 8: Javier Moreno (ESP) – MOV...Michael Matthews is ninth at 0:29. I think he'll win the stage.

Valverde vs. Gerrans

In the past i would have thought that this was David versus Goliath, but the home ground advantage might be a factor. I also think that whilst Valverde had the stronger team yesterday, Gerrans has a team for the flat lands, especially as the stage is only 90ks. Machado also has a very strong team with Benna and Jens! well positioned to protect him. Mick Rogers is fourth, and we know that Sky has the manpower. Short of accidents or illness, not much will change (she says with fingers crossed). Given his extremely emotional response at the top of Willunga Hill, I suspect Valve will be hungry, but after his time in the wilderness, even second may look okay to him. GreenEDGE has brought about a rebirth for Gerrans. I've never enjoyed his races as much as in the past fortnight.

So bring it on! Stuey for the win ;)

Tuning in: Many thanks to um for all the time zone stuff!

Stage 6 start time is 1:10pm Adelaide (Australia), CDT, with an expected finish time of 3:15pm — this would equate to a race run of 2:40am – 4:45am UTC. for the good ol’ USA, east coast is 9:40pm – 11:45pm saturday night for the sunday stage. there will be LIVE VIDDY for the complete stage.

Go to for TV links


Live-ish ticker. It is quite informative.

Last but not least, thanks to all the people who've dropped by. Yesterday, there were over 1700 comments! That's staggering. No wonder I've had fun.

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