LIVE!!! Glasgow Track World Cup - Day 3 - Sunday 18th November

It's the final day of the Track World Cup - and we've got some great racing ahead of us! Here's what's on - timings in UK time (1 hours behind Europe, 5 ahead of USA Eastern, 8 hours ahead of USA Pacific, and 11 hours behind New South Wales) and VERY approximate:

09:30 M - Sprint 200m t.t.
10:45 W - Keirin 1st round
11:00 M - Sprint 1/8 Final
11:32 W - Keirin Repechages
11:47 M - Sprint 1/4 Final (1st)
12:02 M - Sprint 1/4 Final (B)
12:17 M - Sprint 1/4 Final (2nd)
12:32 M - Sprint 1/2 Final (B)
12:47 M - Sprint 1/4 Final (3rd i.r.)
12:58 W - Omnium IV Individual Pursuit 3km
13:58 M - Sprint 9th to 12th places
14:04 M - Sprint 5th to 8th places
SESSION BREAK 2.30pm - 2.45pm
14:30 M - Sprint 1/2 Final (1st)
14:40 W - Omnium V Scratch 10km
15:00 M - Sprint 1/2 Final (2nd)
15:10 W - Keirin 2nd round
15:20 M - Sprint 1/2 final (3rd i.r.)
15:27 W - Omnium Final 500m t.t.
15:54 M - Sprint Finals 3-4 & 1-2 (1st)
16:04 W - Keirin Final places 7 to 12
16:11 W - Keirin Final places 1 to 6
16:16 M - Sprint Finals 3-4 & 1-2 (2nd)
16:25 M - Sprint Finals 3-4 & 1-2 (3rd i.r.)

There's more information about the whole day on the Track World Cup website.

Watching the racing

In the UK it's live on BBC2 from 13:30 (this might have highlights too, rather than live all the way through) and on the BBC website and the red button from 13:45, if you have that.

If you're not in the UK, sports-livez don't have any links listed yet, but might later - and there were other links popping up yesterday on twitter and other places ( had day 1 and day 2, but don't have day 3 - check back later)

If you want to follow the action as it happens, some people managed to get the Tissot live timing app to work, but if not, as the results happen, they'll go up as PDFs on the Tissot site - anything in red has information behind it. And you can follow the results (very Brit-centred) on @trackworldcup or the twitter #TWCGlasgow hashtag.

We're half-way through the women's omnium, and it's looking very exciting, with three rounds to go. Current standings:

1. Ashlee Ankudinoff, Australia, 13 points
Katarzyna Pawlowska, Poland, 13
Tatsiana Sharakova, Belarus, 13
4. Laura Trott, Great Britain, 14
5. Ausrine Trebaite, Lithuania, 15
6. Tamara Balabolina, Russia, 19
7. Jennifer Cesar, Venezuela, 23
8. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro, 24
9. Cari Higgins, USA, 27
10. Laurie Berthon, France, 30
11. Mieke Kroeger, Germany, 31
12. Lucie Zaleska, Czech Republic, 33
Sofia Arreola Navarro, Mexico, 33
14. Caroline Ryan, Ireland, 42
15. Laura Basso, Italy, 43
16. Xiao Juan Diao, Hong Kong, 45
17. Jutatip Maeephan, Thailand, 46
18. Pia Pensaari, Finland, 73

Look in the comments for more results as they happen - and chat, as usual! Track newbies especially welcome!

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