"Wiggins - A Year in Yellow" Documentary

Here in the UK one of the latest TV offerings has been a documentary by John Dower - commissioned for Sky Atlantic (one of our Satellite/Cable channels, and yes part of the Sky stable) - that followed Wiggins from December 2011 through to the Olympic Games.

By being on Sky Atlantic it has mostly been available to UK subscribers, but is now due to be shown on Sky Sports 2 & 3 on Tuesday and Wednesday this week as follows (all times UK - CET +1, USA Eastern -5, Sydney +11)

Tue SS3 6.30pm SS2 11.00pm

Wed SS2 10.30am SS3 2.30pm

With the internet being what it is - with the seemingly permanent availability of not necessarily legitimate streams of these sports channels - am putting up this post so those that may want to tune in can.

Better Trailer (4.47 - vimeo - from filmmaker, includes couple of moments that didnt make the final cut)

Not the hagiography you might expect. From a director with a pedigree (Thriller in Manila) who lucked out when following Wiggins during these particular months - with decent access to Wiggins and contributions from family, teammates and management. It doesnt offer up much in the way of critical analysis, just sits back and lets the protagonists speak for themselves as what happened happened.

For some an hour and half (including advert breaks) may be more of Wiggins' company than they care to contemplate, but would recommend the documentary to those so inclined as well as to those that call themselves Wiggo fans. And to the general cycling fan it offers some insight to the man and extra detail to events now well known that on the whole provides ample reward for the time spent viewing. If nothing else can be said for the film, it is at least a well made cycling related documentary - likely to be one of only a few of the off-season. And Shane Sutton, much like Holm & Aldag in Chasing Legends, steals every scene in which he appears, and he alone is worth watching the film for.

Near the beginnning Cath Wiggins sets the scene nicely, non-judgementally describing the two Bradleys in her life - the husband and the cyclist:

"My husband is brilliant: he's good, considerate, patient, kind, brilliant with the kids, really appreciative of me and the family. I wish I could have him all the time, but I can't have him all the time. Because then there is this cyclist, and he's a bit of a twat. He's selfish, it's like he's a train going through. Everything around him is scattered regardless of childbirth, moving house, whether I'm sick or not, anything. He's not doing it because he's cruel or selfish, he's doing it because he can't see, because that is where he is going basically."

Over the next hour or so, getting to see some of both sides of the man, we get to see where she is coming from.

(NB - Torrents of the same programme also appear to be available)

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