Low Score VDS

I'm planning to run an unofficial underperformers league for 2013, where the lowest score wins. The aim is to pick riders that you think will underperform expectations - in other words, those that you think look too expensive in ursula & co's forthcoming 2013 FSA-DS pricing.

Although I'm fine with being disrespectful to ursula, I've struggled a bit with the question of whether this is also disrespectful to the riders. With that in mind, here's a format that I think I'm comfortable with:

First, riders with any significant prior injury will be ineligible, regardless of whether they are on the active roster at the beginning of the season. This will include, for example, Wout Poels and Alessandro Ballan. Nobody would want to be on the wrong side of wishing them well for 2013.

Second, 1- and 2-pointers will not be part of this competition. I think we have better things to do than to spend time trawling through all the domestiques and neo-pros trying to figure out who doesn't have the talent or opportunity to get any points. After all, there are always some talented high-priced guys like Andy Schleck and JJ Cobo who manage to oblige in the donut department.

Anyone with a known suspension or pending doping case at the beginning of the season will also be ineligible, even if a team lists them as active. Of course, if somebody gets popped for doping during the season, that counts as a good pick.

Using the same pricing and scoring as the official FSA-DS game, the game format will be simple:

* Pick 8 riders costing 4 points or more (from WT or Pro-Conti active rosters)
* Spend at least 100 points
* Lowest score wins

100 points for 8 riders may seem a lot at first glance, but if you think about it, that's around what we spend for the most expensive 8 riders on a typical 150-point FSA-DS team. You can look at it this way: it's like picking just the major established riders on a regular FSA-DS team, but not the 1- and 2-pointers that make up most of a typical 25-man roster.

I'll put up a fresh FanPost where you can post entries when the FSA-DS rider prices come out. There won't be any restrictions on the number of elite riders. I may add a rule about how many non-WT riders are allowed, or a rule to limit the number of riders from any one team, but I think it's probably unnecessary. ursula & co's pricing is very accurate, and if somebody wants to vent by picking 8 Sky riders, why not?

Meanwhile, here's a link to a great wiki with team rosters. Thanks mango101, whoever you are.

[ edit: I got tired of the silly name, so we're just calling it "Low Score VDS" unless somebody has a better idea ]

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