Best day of the season! When your freshly submitted team still looks like the winner!

What is going on? Why all this ruckus? Why all this flying confetti and all this people waiving flags and holding banners?

This is Holmovka’s FSA DS team submitting festivities.

Happy faces of the Office workers in the crowd, relieved to know that they no longer going to be asked : “ What the heck is tendonitis?” Cleaning lady, happy to know that she no longer will be startled by loud yells:” Give me decent 4 pointer, half of the Kingdom for decent 4 pointer”

I see quite happy Pablo in the crowd. He\can now, safely dismantle special devise, he constructed to shield his monitor from Holmovka’s praying eyes.

Smiling faces of Holmovka’s family members, who will get their father and husband back. ( Yes, Honey now it is finally time to take those Christmas decorations down)

Official part of the meeting opened by speech of “ Rainbow colored Stormbringers”team’s captain, Sergey Lagutin. I his usual laconic manner he said only one word: “ Ready” Next, cutting the line was the most rainbow colored of Stornbringers, who thanked his teammates for everything they will do for him in future, kissed and hugged entire team and cleaning lady also, Then shading customary single tear, declared that:” DDIFP can stop worrying about his mojo, because he oursprints his own mojo on regular basis and even his own mojo can hold his wheel!”

Finishing official part of the meeting, was speech of the team’s DS. He said; “ Dear Friends! Thank you to put up with me all this Team building time! Dear riders, I know that to make this team was harder then to be accepted to most Law and Medical schools. Competition was fears, and many many good and promising riders didn’t make it! But you did, and now only goal you have for the next 8 month is to not suck like team from the last year! And what ever you do, always remember one thing: Holmovka is allergic to Doughnuts!

With the sound of drum roll, Holmovka approached the Submit your Team button” But was outsprinted by “ The Most Rainbow One”, who won this race in most typical Sky fashion - No lead-out train for Ya!

Door of the birds cage opened and Rainbow colored Stormbringers took flight to the sky, almost colliding with lonely figure of Stijn Devolder, who was still orbiting planet since massive boot from the team, he received at the end of the last season.

Fly high, my proud Birds! And bring me Storms of the FSA DS points!

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