You know it's cobbles time....

....when you see team busses on your daily commute.


(Pictures by me - feel free to use them)

Quatar, Oman, Laigueglia, Tour Méditerrannéen, Algarve or Ruta del Sol... It's all fine, I'll watch the races (if they're televised), I'll look at the results,... It's all good, but it doensn't really get me excited.

But riding past the hotel where the Garracuda guys stay, well, that really, really got me excited. I don't need a swallow to know it's spring. When the pro teams arrive in town, that's the real start of spring!

Of course there were other team vehicles too:



But that's not really interesting.

It's more fun to find out where the guys are staying for nearly a week, read the most negative visitor reviews:

I stayed at this hotel last week for 4 days. When I arrved it was like a building site. The staff were not friendly and did not make me or my party of 8 feel welcome. When our stay came to an end we realised that we could not pay with a credit card, it must be the only hotel in the world that dosen't accept one. We had to go a look for an ATM which was miles away. The rate they advertise does not allow for the city tax which all other hotels in Gent do. There was also no lobby area where you could site and wait.

and the reaction of the hotel management:

Our hotel is completely renovated and was closed for 6 months, we re-opened on the 5th of May 2011. As it is with almost every building or renovation project of this size there were indeed a few things that still needed work at the last moment. One of the problems we experienced at the time was a malfunctioning credit card terminal. We do however accept all major credit cards as well as Bancontact and Maestro. The nearest cash dispender is situated at 700 meter from the hotel.
The fact that our staff was not pleased with these guest might have something to do with te fact that suncream was smeered on several of the mirrors in the rooms and in the lift. Brand new furniture is not to be used as a resting place for feet in shoes. The peace and quiet of other hotel guests must be respected at all times.

So how about the food?

Well, the restaurant if fairly new. Reviews are rare, but I managed to find two who were both really positive. A professional reviewer even wrote:

The best bistro food I ever ate.

Sounds pretty good, right?

So, I've got a severe case of cobbles fever. How about you?

Let the Omloop - KBK smack talk begin!

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