FSA DS What this Dummy Picked and Why

Well I seemed eager enough to tell everyone how they should go about and pick an FSA DS team a couple of weeks back. Now that the season is under way but still fresh enough that I have some hope and optimism, I thought I would share the reasoning that this particular Dummy put into his FSA DS team.

Now like all rational people who are trying to win I like to think that I will pick with my logical brain, going for guys that I know will do well. Rather than picking guys that I believe will do well. Reality does like to come up and smack us in the head and let us know that we are not as rational as we might like. This team certainly does show a good bit more heart than head but hey its not all about winning is it?

Team and thoughts on the flip.

So I started with a Song. For the second year in a row a song has named my team. Last year Switchfoots' "Hello Huricane" inspired me. This year it was Down Here's "For the Heartbreak" which gave my name. Switchfoot was responsible for the U25 "The Beautiful Letdown". So now that the all important Team Name was settled I moved on to Team Selection.

I love J-Rod. I don't know why, my Dad, I think has trained in me a yearning for the lovable underdog. My Dad loves to yell at the TV as whatever Team he roots for sucks. He therefore picks team destined to lose for which to cheer. Some of this has rubbed off on me. I don't like cheering for guys who are expected to win. J-Rod, well he doesn't win so much that you expect him to, but he is always there or thereabouts. He Hoovers up points like an Aardvark at an anthill. Every team I put together without him just felt empty, so J-Rod leads the charge.

What am I hoping for with him? Tirrenno, the Ardennes, some Shit Small Spanish Stage Races, Giro (high GC), Vuelta (high GC), Worlds (hoping Piti carries his bottles for a change!). So basically everything he did last year plus a favourable Worlds course.

So who's next T-Mart. Why T-Mart? I mean in my FSA DS for Dummies post I only gave him two stars, was I sandbagging? Well no I still only believe he is a two star pick. We have no proof he can even match his 1000 points from last year. So why pick him? Heart! I love T-Mart, his Drooly Sufferface is all kinds of awesome. He has a massive motor and can climb. So My heart says T-Mart wins the Tour now that he is not dragging a Cav size ankle weight around. Is my heart right? Probably not, but hey, maybe he can find the points lying around wherever he races and still not make me look like a total idiot. But yeah my heart heart says T-Mart wins Paris Nice, The Dauphine, the Tour, Olimpic ITT, Worlds TTT, Worlds ITT. Boy my heart is stupid.

Next up Greipel and Farrar. So of the four 14 point sprinters why these two. Well at the start of FSA DS season I really wanted Boss Hogg and Sagan, but at 20 points each they are expensive. I fully expect both of them to pull in 1600-2000 points. As I made my teams, however, I realised that I also thought that Farrar and Greipel are in my minds solid picks to pull in 1600-2000 points. Both have done it before, and are on teams fully committed to their success. Goss and Kittel have never done it before (maybe they will) and so I went for history and a possible bounce for both. With Goss and Greipel in my mind pulling in the same point totals as Sagan and Hagen, I went for the 28 point outlay over the 40 point outlay. This though is where I think the point setters made some wonderful decisions. 4 great sprinters at 14 which do you choose? You can have them all but it will cost you! Delicious decisions! So we will see which on was the best bet at the end of the year!

On to Ivan Basso. I never even thought about him until I did my second FSA DS for dummies post and stuck him on my mock TdF GC focused team. I then convinced myself that 10 points for a double GT contender was a steal and the rest is history. Will he win the Giro? Will he then suck at the Tour? At 10 points I can take that risk.

Matti Breschel, last year his knee injury ended up changing my whole team. Matti down. Out went Matti, GHH, and Pippo. Thank you Matti. I love Matti though and think that he is an up and coming Big who will be all over the front of Cobbles season. I was happy with his Oomloop and have big hopes for the coming Vlaamse Vieler Veek! Come on Matti rake in points for me! He could also do well in the Olympics.

GHH, spent last year regaining miles in his legs after injury ridden seasons. I hope he is back to 2009 and all over the front of everywhere. Heart Heart Heart! I love this guy.

Pippo broke his collarbone and was never seen again!

Menchov one of four returning riders from last years team. Is he too old or not juiced enough to do well? I believe he is a decent outside threat to do very well in the Tour. Maybe he can win if T-Mart fails! Go Denis! Get your complete set and fill in that hole on your mantle, for the Glory of Mother Russia!

Jakob Fuglsang? How did Fugly end up on my team? I could have sworn that I wanted Poels or Cruise ship! I love both of those two young Dutchies! So where are they? Well In reading responses to posts I found out Fugly was RNT's Giro guy. What? Fugly gets a chance to ride for himself? He's not the killer drone destroying himself for Schlecksess? Wow, oh and he finished top 10 last year in the Worlds ITT and this year it is hillier, so he should improve. Well whoops, he was there when I submitted and now I'm fairly happy with my decision. Still I could end up regretting this if Poels is all over everywhere and I don't have him. If cruiseship buries himself for Mollema or Gsink at the Tour I may be glad I don't have him.

Van den Broek. A six pointer with a shot at Tour GC, maybe the Dauphine. A free run at Ardennes success, may have to ride the Vuelta? OK I admit I love JVdB, I love his style and don't get those who say he is a wheelsucker. When I watch him I see a Fearless attacker, undaunted by the Contadors and Schlecks! At six he is a bet I am willing to take.

Hesjedal, I must admit until I found out he was Garracuda's Vuelta GC Guy I was Nervous about him. But hey a Canadian with a way outside shot at being World Champion, only six points. I don't think I could live with the regret if he actually won LBL or World's and I didn't have him. So on the Team he goes, Bounce Ryder Bounce.

Brajkovic, 4 points won the Daupine two years ago? I can take this on the bounce. Oh and he was top 15 at Worlds ITT last year and this year the course is hillier. Follow the bouncing Brajkovic.

Demare. U23 world Champ Fast and French on a French Team? Definitely!

Battaglin a beast by all accounts, cycling4fans number 2 guy this year, leader on small Italian Team, big checks all around.

J.J. Haedo, I am betting on Ris riding this horse hard all year for points. And only a 2 point risk! Yeah I'll take that chance.

Roche, Krispy Kreme, well I think he was ambushed by the bad luck bug last year. With that ill timed crash in the Daupine. He should bounce back and be in the 400-600 point range again. Here's hoping he's training on that TT bike AG2R finally gave him!

Guardini, well Farnese Vini seem to be backing this kid 100 per cent. If he actually gets a train he should be able to get some more results. This Kid just wins! Lets hope its' actually in FSA DS Races this year!

Selig, I will either be blaming or thanking V90 for convincing me this guy rocks. He was on a couple of drafts but only on the very long list till V90's post!

Kelderman, too many times I have not got kids because they are too far down their team depth charts. Taking a risk on this Stage racing Dutchie. He is a beast, here's hoping he beasts out on the big stage.

Veilleux, top 25 at last years Paris Roubaix, and a Canadian, OK you're on the Team.

Boivin, tied with Phinney behind Degenkolb and Kittel at the U23 worlds two years ago. Injured last year! Already 11th at KBK here's hoping the SSR's are kind to him.

Bol, a PDC member, A total beast why not pick him! He is just awesome! Here's hoping for a break out year for a good kid.

Fenn, again V90 will be getting props if this kid pans out this year! Thanks V!

Moser, going with my gut and hoping that he can beast his way out of his team depth issues to score a load of points.

Slagter, I loved what I saw out of him in the Giro last year before he kissed the pavement. I hear he's the guy for the Giro this year. Here's hoping for a CruiseShip kind of year for this kid.

The only two guys on my U25 VDS team and not on my big team are Thibault Pinot, replacing Guardini hoping he will pick up a bunch of U25 bonus points. also added Nicola Boem for pro conti purposes based on his cycling4fans review.

Well there you have it. One Dummies Team. This Dummy is hoping for a top 50 this year but hey I may just be dreaming. Thanks to Ted for the FSA DS site and the Whole PDC team for putting together this wonderful game.

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