Vlaanderen's U25 VDS: An Update and an Apology

Hello Hello everyone...Vlaanderen's U25 VDS competition finally has an update! It has been quite a while for various reasons of life getting in the way but from here on out, it should be rather smooth sailing and much more frequent updates.

I would first like to say sorry for the huge delay with no updates or nary a word said. Only thing that I can say is that me working full time and going to school full time makes me one stressed out guy. Not to mention that the last couple months, I've been working my senior thesis in history so that has sucked the life out of me. One of those had to give, which was work since they refused to give me less hours, so last night was the first opportunity to really update everything. Nevertheless, nearly everything is updated with only the spreadsheet with the full team breakdown needing updating, which will be done later today.

Here is the spreadsheet (xlsx format) updated through 5/24


The Follies of Youth Lopex 1655
Young Bucks brandon.... 1585
Fledglings GreylockGrinder 1490
Trailer Park Boys sylvan 1470
Zoltar Speaks ike2112 1421
Lockie and the Grommets Seahorse 1385
be“loved”en JFS_PGH 1381
Raucous Canine Kerfuffle flying dog 1360
South American Boys pablo777 1350
Baby Gizzards gizzardfanny 1342
Lasterketa Burua Javi Polo 1330
Team Ten Reeppp 1320
The Little Seps tgsgirl 1310
No F**** Belgies John.. 1295
Wee Fannies Triki 1295
wyverns umwolverine 1280
Attacking from the gun Holmovka 1245
Team Thunder Snow U25 lieutenantmudd 1190
ant1's future formidable formicidae ant1 1175
So Joung, he can't even spell Yonathan EdredonBrowny 1170
Chavos del Ocho L-mich 1150
Itchytriggerfingerlings roadiefag 1100
Big Pawed Puppies hansgruber 1076
Triple Frown fineco 1070
All the Young Dudes elvisgoat 1063
JustJoshinYa's Wing and a Prayer JustJoshinYa 1056
Team andmujika andmujika 1040
Jeux Sans Frontieres alama1 1035
Ulysses Blooms straw dog 1015
High Rouleurs 1001
GS Sottoventicinque pedroy 995
The Beautiful Letdown bought with blood 975
Les jeunes premiers broerie 965
Tja Jonge Man. Tja. CelticPride 946
Les Jeunes Pousses French Kheldar 940
“Soaring hope, crushing disappointment” slowK 935
Kul & the Gang jsallee00 926
You Kids Get Off My Lawn! dkirk 891
fietsvakantie_U25 PMNL 886
Born in the 87 Frinking 880
Young Marmottes Willj 880
Team Green Legs and SRAM Dustbunny8 876
Fab Tosh & Co. mirandaj 861
Grabovskyy's Folly Vlaanderen90 840
Back Pedal Kiddie Club DeanM 833
the Admirals AmsterdamAdmirals 806
Team Young and Hairy hairysemi 795
Dancing Like Your Dad andrewp 782
Team T21 - Up Syndrome U25s platypus 735
Jump to Conclusions Mat benzene 720
Uncompromised First Draft swells 717
Training Wheelers Frans Verbiage 707 – AIS RollinRollinRolland 705
Orange Tape PopUp Rolen 702
Stomach 36 ursula 700
Climb, Sprint, or Get Out of the Way tgartner 690
The Diaper Riders Uphill 690
U better beat this team cmick 685
Wee Echelon of Fools Hons 675
Team Schmuckers Jens 632
Does whatever a Kelder can Shepherds_crook 630
LDF - Sum_of_Marc 620
Puppy fat chance yarb 575
10_Chains Loosehorse 561
The Next Hinaults aseward 553
The Untouchables (?) Le Sprinteur 478
Like Morning Dew majope 368
Development Motif paisley 182


Elia Favilli 540
Arnaud Demare 460
Sergio Henao 345
Nairo Quintana 330
Pieter Serry 310
Jacopo Guarnieri 290
Jens Keukeleire 275
Luke Durbridge 275
Diego Ulissi 265
Wilco Kelderman 260
Darwin Atapuma 235
Sacha Modolo 220
Mikel Landa 220
Fabio Felline 215
Angel Madrazo 215

Jan Ghyselinck 210

As the standings show, Lopex is kicking ass...He has Demare, Serry, Henao and Kelderman all on his team which all will keep reaping him points throughout the year. There are some points that can be made from all of this though...

Elia Favilli

The Farnese Vini rider is currently leading the rider standings with a large amount of his points coming the U25 bonuses. The 23 year old has had a great year so far with 9th at Strade Bianche, 22nd at De Ronde, 6th at the Scheldeprijs and a solid 13th at the Brabantse Pijl and Amstel. I'm really digging Favilli's style and his ability to swing above his level. In a couple of years time, these solid placings could be turning into top 5's.

The Colombians

3 Colombians cracked the top 10 riders, all riding for 3 different squads but all have very similar backgrounds, all having been on the Colombia-Coldeportes squad at some point in their career. Quintana is riding off a solid spring with his eyes set on a GT later in the year, Atapuma ripped everyones legs off at the Greatest race of them all - The Amgen Tour of California while Henao is holding his own at the Giro, hopefully finishing in the top 10. Colombia is churning out an incredible amount of talent these days.

Pieter Serry

The 23 year old rider from Topsport had a very consistent spring in the Ardennes with 4th at the Limburg Classic, 3rd at the Brabantse Pijl along with 3 steady finishes in the Ardennes Triple Crown, where he only got stronger throughout the week to finish Liege in 30th spot (2nd chasing group with the likes of Crash Schleck, Cunego, etc.). Finishing 6th overall at the non-VDS Tour of Norway should turn some heads at the big Belgian powerhouses. I see good results in his future at races like GP Gippingen and Vuelta a Burgos.

As said before, I will be trying to get results out on a regular basis from now on. Later today or Saturday, another spreadsheet will come out with a full team breakdown (and possibly a race by race breakdown).

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