Giro Stage Predictor: Stage 21

Sunday 27th May

Milano 30km 28.2km ITT

STRICT DEADLINE = STAGE START TIME 13:35 13:49 CET (or whenever first rider departs)


Steve's preview at Steephill

Stage 20 Results

De Gendt - Cunego - Nieve

All the excitement today was about Crazy Thomas, and three DS's were smart enough to pick him: Gravy24, Dustbunny8 and shepherds_crook. Among these, shepherds_crook also had Nieve to take 13.75 points on the stage. However, with a unique pick of Cunego, Triki took 14 points to steal the stage win. With consecutive stage wins Triki has now taken 30 points in two days and jumped to 7th in the GC, well within reach of the podium or even the win. Nobody else at the top of the GC scored more than a couple of points today, so pablo777's lead is looking pretty secure. It will probably take a shock winner in the TT tomorrow to dislodge the capello rosa from his head.

Link to spreadsheet with full results history



For each stage, you (the DS) pick three riders. The order of your picks does not matter. The first three riders score. The basic score is stage winner 4 points, second place 2 points, third 1 point.

In addition there are bonus points awarded. Stage winner bonus is 24 points, second place bonus 12 points, third place bonus 6 points. The bonus points are split equally among all the DS's who picked that rider. Thus you're likely to get a big bonus for an outsider who scores, whereas the bonus for a favorite will be split among a lot of DS's.

The strict entry deadline is the official start time of the stage. Subject to the deadline, you may change any or all of your picks, but only one time, in a single reply to your original post. The only exception to this "one change only" rule is that you may make a substitution for a pick announced as DNS - but still subject to the deadline. If you miss making an entry for a stage, you score zero for that stage, but you're still in the competition. Also, there's no limit to how early you can make picks. If you want to pick for future stages ahead of time, just post in the latest thread and make sure I've seen it.

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