Yet another fantasy TdF game

Short notice, but if you're looking for yet another way to turn your prognosticatin' into competin', I think I have the answer for you.

Paul Barrow, a friend of a friend, runs a fantasy Tour de France game. It has been ongoing forever, and he seems to have worked many of the kinks out setting up any fantasy game. I've played it since 2009, a whole two years before I took up FSA-DS-ing. It is always a lot of fun. However, because I only know one other person in the league, and there isn’t a forum, the trash-talking elements of the game are missing.

You lot strike me as being (a) keen on the trash talk, and (b) always willing to play yet another variant of fantasy cycling. So (with Paul's permission) I’ve taken his game and put it up here. The groups and point system are as he laid them out, the only change I’ve made is minor tinkering with the rules, to make it simpler for me to stay on top of the scoring (I’ve removed some stuff that, IMHO, adds more in administration than it does in excitement. Because I can).

I hope I’m not stepping on the toes of the stage prediction game – my advice is to play both. Also, sorry for the short notice. Busy week. I hope you’ve got time to get your entries up!

The entry form, rules and list of riders split by groups can be found here. Please read the rules carefully! (I had a bit of trouble with google docs, you may need to download the file to read it - any tech help gratefully received).

I’ll upload a scoring sheet when I’ve built it and the points start coming in, and I’ll update it as often as I can. If you can email me completed entry forms (before the first cyclist hits the ramp) to the address on the spready (and in my profile) then you’re in. Feel free to use the comments below to let the trash talk fly. I’ll post a list of entries as soon as I can.

A quick summary of the rules and strategy, to encourage you to follow the link:

  • You pick a squad of ten riders by selecting one rider from each of nine groups, plus an additional wild-card pick. These riders score points for stage and overall performances.
  • You also select four riders per stage, who score points for winning, or top ten places, in each stage.
  • Overall points, in my experience, appear to be more significant in determining rank than stage points, so GC candidates are popular.
  • Obviously, you won’t win if you only pick the riders that everyone else has. FSA-DS principles of scarcity apply.

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