FSA VDS Drafting Game

In pablo777's FSA VDS fanpost, I suggested the idea of running a parallel drafting game alongside the normal version for those interested in an extra vds-based game - much akin to the Editors League last year.

Presuming it gets off the ground, it will pretty much entail a bunch of players picking specific riders to score VDS points solely for only their team and using a snake draft to determine the order of who picks riders first. At the end of the season the team with the highest score wins bragging rights and eternal glory.

Sound likes fun?

What needs to be decided

Participants - how many people will play. Largely dependent on interest but there does need to be at least a minimum amount of people needed to get this running (eg 10) and a maximum so there's no logistical nightmares in running it!

Squad Size - how many cyclists do we want in our teams? Need to find the right balance between number of players and draft length so that teams are big enough but the draft can be finished comfortably by the end of Feb.

Start Date - as soon as possible I think once we get a required amount of players. The earlier we start the less worrying to be done about finishing before OHN.

What this requires from you

As for any game involving drafting, this will require everyone willing to play to be active throughout January and February in order to get the draft completed in time for the start of VDS. Time zones and real life commitments means that it will be impossible to go through the draft with out any hold ups but as long as everyone endeavours to check once a day in case it's their time to pick, then things should run smoothly. So that's all I ask, is people be active!

An Example of Final Rule Set:

Number of Players: 20
Squad Size: 10

Draft Order:
To be done in a snake and once all players are knows draft positions to be done with a Randomiser. A snake draft looks like this:

1 - TEAM A
2 - TEAM B
3 - TEAM C

4 - TEAM C
5 - TEAM B
6 - TEAM A

Draft Process:
To be done in the comments of a fanpost.
Once it's your turn to select you are allowed to select any rider that hasn't already been taken.
Any rider that is listed in the VDS database is eligible for selection.
Everyone gets 24 hours from last selection to choose a rider.
If you don't select in time you get a randomly selected one pointer and the next person gets to pick.

Based purely on the VDS scoring system.
I'll list all finalised teams into one excel worksheet which can then be updated using the .csv from the VDS game website.
Updates periodically through the year (like after key races) to see how everyone is doing.


So that's it I think. Anything I haven't covered, please bring up, I don't mind getting help and want this to run as smoothly as possible. This thread can be used as an introductory one to iron out any problems and help get the ball rolling.

If you're interested in playing and committed, just say so in the comments below and I'll add you to the list below. That way we'll get a good idea of numbers to begin with. First in best dressed too but I don't think we'll have a problem with numbers at this stage but around 20 is the most I'd be comfortable with.

Edit: Not accepting any more players but happy to have people on an waiting list as an emergency in case anyone drops out.


4.straw dog - Null hypothesis rejected (p<0.001)
16.yeaux - Creme Fraiche
12.kom vuelta - Vacansoleil and the doomed attacks
6.slowK - I got nothin’
14.StuC - The Pirates
2.bought with blood - Soak my pride in Gasoline
22.brunop - Witty names exhaust me
10.FrenchKheldar - Les Pelotons-Flingueurs
13.shepherds_crook - You’re all my favourites
17.yeehoo - poseurs
15.gotanishiki - Indiana Bones and the Lost Crusaders

1.RRR - Mapeivellianism
9.tgartner - Shasta Sherpas
5.muk - Campionissimos
19.PopUp Rolen -
18.scrawnyguy - Faire Le Pont
3.blitzer maloney - The Garminian Theory
11.LooseHorse - 10_chains
21.Vlaanderen90 Drunk Bike Jockeys
20.natbla - Riders of Hills
7.Seahorse - Grey Nomads
8.pablo777 - Stravaddict

Emergency List:
1.holmovka - "Katusha"

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