VDS Draft league Second Round

Will there be a Second round of the 2013 VDS Draft League? That is up to you it seems. I am about to do a very bad sales job to encourage you to enter the League.

Here is what the Draft will require, based on my experience from one Draft.

  1. The Draft will require you to check in to the PdC very frequently.
  2. The Draft will require you to give out your E-mail, Twitter account, Mobile Phone number to others in the draft.
  3. The Draft will require you to think ahead about your picks so that you can send proxy lists to others.
  4. The Draft will not let you make all your own picks, unless you are on 24/7.
  5. If you are on 24/7 you will be making a lot of proxy picks for others.
  6. The Draft is long and tiring, the Draft takes endurance and commitment.

I am offering to enter the Draft information into the spreadsheet and monitor the Fanposts. I will put up new Fanposts when they start to get too many comments. I am not available to be a proxy for drafters. I will not be straw dog around 24 hours making picks and proxies. You will not be getting texts from me at 0200 hours to let you know it is your pick and then have me make proxy picks for you. Every weekday morning I will get up and check the draft posts and update the spread sheet.

Here's what I commit to do:

  1. Update the draft spread sheet
  2. maintain the draft fanpost
  3. arbitrate any disputes and enforce the rules

Things I will not to:

  1. Hassle you to draft faster
  2. be a proxy for you, I have put in my time

Here's what you commit to do:

  1. Understand that in order to continue and be fun the draft needs momentum
  2. Contribute in any way you can to maintain momentum
  3. If you are going to be away from the draft for more than 2 hours tell your fellow drafters
  4. Know when your turn is coming and be prepared with a pick or proxy list
  5. Be ready to make at least 2 picks a day
  6. Know when the draft starts and be on your game from the get go
  7. not complain during the inevitable down time that the draft is taking to long

In order to start another round I need at least 11 victims to sign on to enter the Draft. The same rules will be used for this draft as the previous two drafts. Once you sign up be ready to be on here checking daily until the draft starts, and much more often from there on out. The draft will take 7-10 days at least, by signing up you will be committing to your fellow drafters that you will be an active, helpful, willing participant for the duration of the event. This only works through a group effort from all of the drafters.

Are you willing?

This sign up will be valid until 2400 EST Jan 18th.

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