Tour de San Luis Preview

Yes my dear friends is that time of the year again..!! TdSL is almost here and I feel obligated to promote this one and give an introduction to you all to this beautiful race that takes place in my homeland Argentina...

Lets see who is going to be there to get an idea of what to expect..: from the official site this is the starting teams..:

Some names that jump out from the stating list are the likes of Peter Sagan, Alberto Contador, Vincenzo Nibali and Purito Rodriguez... Ok Holms Mark Cavendish is going to be there too...This just to name a few..

Completed starting list are found here: and here

Race ways what do we have? Well we have 7 stages up and down all the hot province of San Luis:

Stage 1 Monday:



This one is for the sprinters. Any bets on how Cav will do with his new team? Last year OPQS dominated the sprinters stages.

Stage 2 is Tuesday and look like this:



Could be a break away, but looks like another sprinters stage..

Stage 3 on Wednesday:



Now here where the big guys come out and play I hope we get an exiting finish.. but don't count out anyone.. We could be up for a surprise..

Stage 4 on Thursday:



TT,, What else to say about TT??? Will see how this will turn up to be..

Stage 5 Friday:



Mountain top finish baby..!! Can't wait for it..! You want to take a closer look at it? Me too..



not a bad climb isn't it?

Stage 6 Saturday:



Oh my..!!!! I don't know about you guys but to me this is QUEEN stage..!!! Look at that finish..!! Want to look a little closer? I sure do..!!



Now this is going to be good..!!!! Please is it Saturday already?

Stage 7 closing day on Sunday..!



Perhaps we let the sprinters have the last one? Well maybe those sprinters that can push it a bit up the ramp? Just looking at the profile looks like a little uphill at the end... Will be enough to kill the pure sprinters??

Well that is what I know about this TdSL and we are hoping to have some flashes of the races with some starting showing and some finishes..



Another radio:

Hope you guys enjoy the introduction and if you find anything else that want to add to the post feel free to do it...!

Oh to me this is the start of the road season..!!!

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