Young Riders (U-26) VDS - DRAFT POST 1


The 12 Directeurs Sportifs Cyclisme (or players as they are sometimes known in France) will take turns to pick riders in a "snake" draft. We will draft 10 riders to each team.

Eligible riders were born in 1987 or later, and scored less than 600 Cycling Quotient points in 2012.


Rider scores will be Cyling Quotient points for the entire calendar year 2013. Since early season points count for this game, including TdU and San Luis that will be rolling as we draft, you'll want to keep up to date on which riders have already scored points this year: CLICK HERE, select >=, enter "1987", hit <Search>. (h/t RRR)


This will be updated frequently, and can be sorted to show the remaining available riders. The rider list includes the entire rosters of all WT and Pro-Conti teams, plus any other riders on Conti teams who have scored >50 points recently. But if you find any other eligible rider that you like, you are welcome to pick them.


Make your best efforts not to keep people waiting too long. If you're going to be offline for a while and your turn is coming up soon, post before you leave to tell everyone when you'll be back. Waiting an hour or two is not a problem if we know when things are likely to resume - just don't make people keep checking back for hours. And if occasionally something unexpected happens that holds things up for a long time, don't worry, we'll (probably) wait for you for 24 hours, provided pablo's blood pressure does not exceed safe limits.

Proxy picks. If you know that you'll be busy and offline for a longer time, you can always ask any other PdC member, in or out of the game, to make picks on your behalf. But you're completely responsible for what they do - if they make a mistake, the pick still counts. Proxy lists should not be posted up on here, email them instead, because...

Discussing riders. We try to avoid discussing on the draft thread any riders who have not yet been picked, because it can be frustrating if a rider that you've been hoping to get is mentioned prominently. You're positively encouraged to discuss anything and everything elsewhere on PdC - that counts as research!

Errors. The most common error is picking a rider who has already been picked. Usually somebody picks it up right away, and you just make your pick again. However, if the error is not spotted, and other subsequent picks go up in good faith - then you can still correct your error, but you can't take any of those names that have now been posted after your error, even though they had later draft numbers.





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