Marat rides with Johnny Hoogerland and Matteo Carrara......and gets wet!

Hi there,

I thought I'd let you know about today's little spin. It was arranged by Cadence Performance Centre a reletively new bike shop in Crystal Palace, south London. The inhouse pro is Matteo Carrara, ex Vaconsoliel professional and he is now coach to Johnny Hoogerland. The day started with the 16 joe public riders stocking up on coffee.

Then Johnny took a lactose threshold test. I'll be able to hopefully post the exact results in a couple of days but he says he doesn't have a high HR at all and peaked at 175bpm. If I heard correctly then he hit 400+W at that point. The Sports Science coach used a picture of Lance in her presentation to explain the whole lactate process which was interesting. Johnny's top line "Ah no lactate for Lance........................"

After that out on the road. It was wet today with thundery showers throughout the day and the debris on the road claimed its victims. Not me though, thank you Continental Attack/Force!

So we cracked on a bit, these rides are always slow with people dropping chains or just dropping........... The route today is

Half way round the Cadence crew provided hot drinks and snacks which was welcome when we were all as wet as an otter's pocket by this time. Still everyone was in a good mood.

Then a rip back to Cadence which involved some good 'cat and mouse' chasing by Johnny and Matteo with us joe public hanging on for dear life. It just goes to highlight the difference between keen amateurs and seasoned professionals i.e. an unfathomable gap.

So the final Q & A session where Johnny revealed he has a new team to be announced this week, but wouldn't say who, not even a hint. He also said the one race he'd love to win is the Giro Di Lombardia, which happens to be my fav too. Hopefully I'll be there in 2014 to cheer him on.

He also said he loathed the Tour Of Bejing because the pollution levels when he was there were 10 times the EU warning limit......10 times!!!!!! And Chris F will be pleased as Johnny said he'd try to ride the Giro D'Emilia next year if at all possible.

So then Gabba back on into the rain for a short spin home after a thoroughly enjoyable day with a couple of really good guys. Johnny will be doing some solo training on the Costa Blanca this winter so if you see someone in a Dutch National Champs jersey it may well be him. If you're not sure look out for a patchwork of scars from the infamous TDF crash, on the back of his knees.

If the photos can't be accessed I'll try again via Facebook but I'm an IT plankton!

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