VDS Drafting Game - UPDATE 1

Hey, everyone! Thanks for bearing with me for getting this update out so late. I actually stuffed with the images, uploaded the wrong ones then couldn't get back to the originals until today <o>Well at least we have the results from Tirreno-Adriactico and Paris-Nice to start with so I'll get right into it!


Spreadsheet is here for anyone wanting to check it. Big thanks to strawdog on that one, he did a lot of the setting up there and helping with any technical problems.

Current Standings are as follows:


Split into the two drafting groups:

Group A


Group B


So as you can Pablo has a healthy lead but close on his heels are strawdog and yeehoo with LooseHorse and shepherds_crook . A closer look at how the top 5 have done:

Pablo - 1081pts

The scary thing about Pablo leading is that he could have even more if it wasn't for Bouhanni crashing out of PN! Paris Nice was good for Pablo as he got three stage wins from Nacer, Chavanel and Albasini combined with Chava's overall point's haul. What also helps is having riders places 1, 3 and 4 (590 points right there!) in one of the only early semi-classics to be raced. So he netted a very nice score from Moser, Nocentini and Cancellara. Ominous signs with the big WT classics coming up.

Straw dog - 1020pts

Into second place and first from Group A, Straw has the scarily good Sagan who's already looking even more dominant than last year. Complimenting him is the astute pickup of Kwiatkowski who looks set to break out and have a good year after a good showing in Tirreno. Renshaw winning the SSR, Clásica de Almería and Kolobnev's 7th in Strade Bianche help him be the only other person about the 1k point mark. With Sagan and MSR coming up a very real chance of taking pole position from Pablo.

Yeehoo - 972pts

Proving that picking last was no hindrance, Group A's yeehoo has placed himself well with the good early form of Froome getting him points in TA, having Chavanel's points as well. GVA's points from both SB and OHN helps as well and things are looking positive with the Santambrogio pick up, who if TA is any form guide looks set to revel in his new role as a leader at Vini Fantini. With Boonen in his team, another drafter who could be way up the road once the dust settles from the Classics.

LooseHorse - 906pts

There were few people smiling out on the road on the penultimate day of Tirreno but one of the few guys who could also had a Drafting DS who was jumping for joy. Nibali winning TA meant a total of 291 points for LooseHorse and combined with GVA's scores makes a solid base of points. Getting help with some solid scores from Gesink, Anton (Vuelta a Murcia), Cunego (KOM T-A) and Ventoso (Almería).

shepherds_crook - 895pts

Another team with a strong classics focus, SC came out the best early on from Omloop with the winner Paolini and Thomas' fourth place. Also having Cancellara score at SB, Peraud at P-N and Reinardt Janse van Rensburg (a name so cool you have to say it out in full...always) at Almeria means he's scoring all over the board. Hopefully they can continue because with Andy Schleck's problems and Nuyens injuries if they want to keep up the early pace they can ill afford any under-performers here on out.


With MSR and the classics season about to get in full swing the leaderboard will sure to change but those out in front now have a good start! Download the spreadsheet and let us know what you think of your team and how well (or bad!) you think you will go.

Will most likely have the next update after Paris-Roubaix out but will keep the spreadsheet updated as much as possible so just re-download it.

Oh and not that anyone is counting but the average score of the groups is 605 to 591 in Group A's favour, not that they were the stronger drafters or anything (at this stage)! ;)

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