CLASSICS PREDICTOR GAME: Final Results and Post-Season Comments

Liège-Bastogne-Liège Results

At Flèche, shepherds_crook's great pick of Moreno propelled him past Ed K into the overall lead. But at Liège, Ed K responded in scintillating fashion, winning the race as the only DS to pick the top two. Our Liège podium was completed by piglito and dkirk, who both scored with all 4 riders - an impressive performance in a race that's often hard to predict.

Liège top 10:


And in spectacular fashion, Ed K also took the win in the overall competition.

Top 30 overall:





Highest race score of the season

Highest race score was 120 by jsallee00 at Amstel, due mainly to a unique winning pick of Kreuziger. The only other unique winning pick was shepherds_crook with Moreno at Flèche.

Most scoring riders for the season

It was not surprising that Ed K had the most scoring riders with 30 for the season. Pretty impressive that 58% of his picks scored. Looking back, it seems that Ed K's strategy was to score solid points in most races by picking decent favorites most of the time (but still, picking the right favorites is no easy matter of course), and then to hit big points with outsider picks on a couple of occasions - Moser at Strade Bianche, and the Martin-Rodriguez 1-2 at Liège.

Behind Ed, a three-way tie with 26 scoring riders for the season: rouleur, shepherds_crook, tgartner.


Giro 2013

I'll be running the game again for the Giro. Any comments on the format, or anything else about the game, are most welcome - although I will be disappearing into the Grand Canyon again for a week tomorrow, so if I don't respond for a week, please don't think I'm ignoring you!

I think I'm pretty much settled on this format, but I had two thoughts for minor tweaks:

(i) I thought the relative scoring between outsiders and favorites was about right; but that maybe the points should tail off a little further (but not much) for the super-hot favorites picked by >80% of players. At the moment, there's not enough difference between a regular favorite (say, a Gilbert at Liege), and a super-hot favorite (Cancellara at Roubaix).

(ii) I tried to leave the entry deadline as late as possible, an hour or two past the official race start time, to be as inclusive as possible. However, in practice very few entries were posted after the start time; and I think the variable start time caused confusion on at least one occasion. Simpler is better, so I think we'll just go back to having the entry deadline = official start time.


Well done Ed, fantastic performance.

Thanks to everyone for playing. Hope to see you all at the Giro.

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