Live: GP Pino Cerami



Pino Cerami, an Italian cyclist born in 1922 who got the Belgian nationality in 1956. He won Paris-Roubaix and the Flèche Walonne in 1960, Paris-Bruxelles and the Brabantse Pijl in 1961, but also Tour stages, stages in the Tour of Europe, the Tour of Belgium,...


A Belgian 1.1 race in the province of Hainaut with a short passage through the Pays des Collines. Start at St. Ghislain and finish 208km later in Frameries (near Mons). Previous winners are Gaetan Bille (2012), Jure Kockjan (2010), Sebastian Langeveld (2006), Michele Bartoli (1994), Laurent Dufaux (1992),...

Unfortunately we forgot to add this race to the VDS calendar (it's televised every year).


128 km of straight roads, followed by four 20 km local laps. Never flat, but probably not hard enough to drop the sprinters. See Niki Terpstra's race data from last year.

Hills & cobbles

40km into the race, they'll hit the super steep Côte du Hurdumont (8% on average, but peaks of 20%), 18 km later, it's time for the Burght, a false flat with small city cobbles. After 128km, the riders will reach the local course. There's one hard climb on the local lap, the Tienne du Dragon in the outskirts of Frameries. A short, but steep climb with poor cobbles that has to be climbed four times.



This climb could be decisive if it were closer to the finish. Unfortunately there's still 9,8 km between the Dragon top and the finish line. Last year, Marcato rode away on this climb, only to be passed by Gaetan Bille in the final km.

Usually there are attacks in the last lap, but the attackers almost always get caught by the sprinters. A bit like GP Plouay.

Riders & Teams

Lotto: Bille, Robert, Van der Sande, Wellens

Topsport-Vlaanderen: Armee, Cornu, van Asbroeck, van Hecke

Euskaltel: Bilbao, Kocjan, Schulze

Champion System: Traksel, Brammeier

Movistar: Rojas, Ventoso, Vicioso

Vacansoleil: De Gendt, Feillu, Keizer, Marcato, Boy

Sojasun: Engoulvent

Vini fantini: Chicchi, Hulsmans, Pozzo


Yes, the good people of the RTBF will broadcast the race from 15:05 CET

Official site




Edit: Here's how it unfolded last year

GP Pino Cerami 2012 - Report (via CyclingFlash12)

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