Giro d'Italia Stage 8  LIVE


Gabicce Mare - Saltara 54.8 km TT

One Timetrial to rule them all.
One Timetrial to find them.
One Timetrial to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.

Girbecco's Guess : Bradley Wiggins

It may seem like an op de hoek guess but way down in 23rd place on GC is this scrappy brit outsider who may not seem like much of a threat since he looked like an out-of-form Bambi on Ice yesterday. But call me crazy, I think he may just pull something out of the hat today, against all odds.

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159 14.48'00"ATAPUMA HURTADO Darwin G COL COL

160 14.49'00" SUTHERLAND Rory AUS TST

161 14.50'00" MACHADO Tiago POR RLT

162 14.51'00" ROSA Diego G ITA AND

163 14.52'00"PETROV Evgeni RUS TST

164 14.53'00"GARATE Juan Manuel ESP BLA

165 14.54'00" MORABITO Steve SUI BMC

166 14.55'00" KANGERT Tanel EST AST

167 14.56'00" AZANZA SOTO Jorge ESP EUS

168 14.57'00"JEANNESSON Arnold FRA FDJ

169 14.58'00" PIRAZZI Stefano ITA BAR

170 14.59'00" BATTAGLIN Enrico G ITA BAR

171 15.00'00" ARU Fabio G ITA AST

172 15.01'00" CARUSO Damiano ITA CAN

173 15.02'00" SERPA PEREZ Jose Rodolfo COL LAM

174 15.03'00" POZZOVIVO Domenico ITA ALM

175 15.04'00" GOLAS Michal POL OPQ

176 15.05'00"KELDERMAN Wilco G NED BLA

177 15.06'00" HENAO MONTOYA Sergio Lu COL SKY

178 15.07'00" DI LUCA Danilo ITA VIN

179 15.08'00" WIGGINS Bradley GBR SKY

180 15.09'00" URAN URAN Rigoberto COL SKY

181 15.10'00" BETANCUR GOMEZ Carlos A. G COL ALM

182 15.11'00" PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA AND

183 15.12'00" MAJKA Rafal G POL TST

184 15.13'00" TROFIMOV Yury RUS KAT

185 15.14'00" VALLS FERRI Rafael ESP VCD

186 15.15'00" DANIELSON Thomas USA GRS

187 15.18'00" PAOLINI Luca ITA KAT

188 15.21'00" NIEMIEC Przemyslaw POL LAM

189 15.24'00" SCARPONI Michele ITA LAM

190 15.27'00" KRUIJSWIJK Steven NED BLA

191 15.30'00" SANCHEZ GONZALEZ Samue ESP EUS

192 15.33'00" KISERLOVSKI Robert CRO RLT

193 15.36'00" WEENING Pieter NED OGE

194 15.39'00" SANTAROMITA Ivan ITA BMC

195 15.42'00" GESINK Robert NED BLA

196 15.45'00" EVANS Cadel AUS BMC

197 15.48'00" SANTAMBROGIO Mauro ITA VIN

198 15.51'00"CARUSO Giampaolo ITA KAT

199 15.54'00" HESJEDAL Ryder CAN GRS

200 15.57'00" NIBALI Vincenzo ITA AST


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