Riding in New Jersey with muk and Ken.

How did all this start? Oh yeas Ken told muk about this ride in West Virginia Maryland then mik told me about it and I signed in for it.. Yes I am not normal either right?

Next was a lot of talk of how to train in order to do something like that monster of a ride.. Train doing hill repeats.. (too boring) Go for long rides.. (but what about the elevation needed? On and off we talked about for a few weeks

The solution was to do a ride of similar conditions to know if we were ready for something this big... Had a ton of ideas and draw different possible rides but none of them convinced me.. Till I run into this route.. Hillier than Thou.. So I modified the original ride a bit startin from my house.. (+28 miles) That looked scary hard in my book..

After making this ride on the computer I send the link to muk and he said he wanted to do it.. We looked at what was the best date possible for everyone and decided on May 11 TH.

Scary? Well only one way I had to know.. So I rode it last Sunday.. So to make sure the course was deal and to be familiar with the routes. (coutse was there)

So yesterday around 3 pm two INSANE guys left Pittsburh, PA to come and ride their bicycles and test their endurance in NJ..(New Jersey) What did they have in mind when they decide to jump in a car and come to my neck of the woods? I Will let them answer this..

Close to 11 PM my phone vibrates.. SMS (text message) from Ken that they were in my block a few houses off but in my block.. I run downstairs to meet my guesses.. Well Ken, muk I already had the pleasure..(great guy) After they put the bikes in my living room ( I have the best wife in the world, for me) we went to do some shopping for the ride day..Bananas, juices, bagels and who knows whate else..

That was it they had 6 + hours of driving and we had ahead a long day on the they went to the hotel and I went to bed..

Now here is a link to the ride we did: Jus coz is worth mention.. weather really sucked today..

Here is 2 pics that I took while we stopped to have lunch.. 428548_10151931163199616_1527132848_n_medium


Ken (left) and muk (right)

Here are the baies outside while we were eating and relaxing a bit.



Left to right? Ken, Muk and mine..

There is more pictures but I will let Ken and Muk take care of those were the only 2 I had..

So tomorrow at some point they can post more pics and tell you more about our EPIC ride.

We are all insane right?

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