PdC and the Diabolical Double.

What a weekend..! What a blast..! What a crap load of cramps..!

The weekend started with the family and me leaving New Jersey (NJ) Friday around 1:30 PM for a nice car ride of almost 7 hours to meet Mr muk and his family...

Here is some pics of the land view as we were driving....



Not sure where we were in Pennsylvania (PA) but I loved the view from this point..

Every time we drive this direction I am impress with this tunnel through the mountains... Here is a couple of them..Some others I missed..



And here is another one....



Then we finally got to Pittsburgh... Checked in at the hotel and then we went out or dinner with Muk's family...

We went to a place that I could pay anyone that guesses the name right... OK ready? Mr Pablo's Mexican restaurant... Really muk? Mr Pablo's? We were laughing a lot in the car... Thanks for dinner and next time is my turn to pay and I don't care what you say..

After dinner I rushed to bed because I knew it was going to be a very early morning... 2:30 am the alarm was set to go off... Damn if I knew how much would I regret waking up this early...

2:30 am already? Crap... Time to get up.. Breakfast get ready and wait for muk... we have 2 hours of car ride till we get to the start of this ride..

We spent the whole car ride exchanging histories... I was listening and trying to learn something from the living legend (muk)

We are finally here...!! Ok to get the things from the registration tables...

Nice..! Pair of socks..! A water bottle..! And a lot of color papers to look at...

Now we are ready...!! Lets go look for Sui Juris (Mark)

Look who we found..!!!



From left to right I give you guys Mark and Michael..!!!



And Mark and Pablo (me)

We also run into Ken and one of his friends.. They were out in a mission to kill this ride.. They were trying to get it done in a really quick time.. (look at his ride in Strava and give him kudos)

The ride? Man were to begin? Lets start at the "start" Quick downhill of about 2 miles to start this... Did you enjoy it? Good next time you ride downhill you will have to earn this..

Here is the Strava resume of my ride... suffering started right away.. The climbs were real filters.. after each climb you could see the bunch thinning more and more..

Here is Mike having a snack at one of the aid stations



It was a great ride..! I suffer like a dog but was good... Rode with muk till mile 60 or so and then I left him with another Aussie to keep him company in a dirt section..

I felt bad for leaving him but in a ride like this I learned that you have to ride your own pace... I think I was getting hurt by riding his pace and he was getting hurt for riding mine...

Then I forgot all this when I saw Mark at one of the aid stations.... Chased him down to cramp like I never experience before in my life (F.U Mike... I know you are laughing here) from this point on it was a total sufferfest to the end for me...30 miles left to the end of the ride... I am not pulling out!! I will take my time but i will get it done..

Before every climb I dismounted stretched and rest a bit... Did it help? No idea but I had to other then that I would walk all the way up those gentle long climbs... I would not call them steep but an steady 8 % to 10 % for miles and miles ahead of you... (I am not used to this)

I made it to the end with just enough time in the clock before the organization called it a day..

Looking forward to do it again next year..!!!

P.S: Michael, Ken and Mark feel free to add anything from your experience over the weekend..

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