Prize & Trophies

We have a most excellent grand prize for the overall winner: a complete FSA cycling kit, including socks!

And thanks once again to holmovka for these awesome plaques and the non-virtual casquette jaune.




Results Stage 21

shepherds_crook won a tight stage, leaving Cav out of his lineup, and including today's highest scoring rider Ferrari. A close second for Cyclogical.

Stage 21 top 10:


Final overall casquette jaune

Congratulations to our final podium:

vino2001 took the casquette jaune on stage 4, and has made few mistakes since then, moving into a commanding lead with Costa on stage 16. Chapeau.

trampie made a brave all-out attempt to overcome vino2001's 100-point lead, placing all four picks in the final break on stage 19. Unlucky not to score higher on that stage, and a well deserved second place.

holmovka takes some consolation for Cav's disappointment on the Champs by holding off andrewp in the tight battle for third place.

Overall top 30:


Excel spreadsheet download with complete results of all stages

Pdf download with complete results of recent stages


Notable player performances

Most stage wins

3 stage wins - Le Blaireau (4, 12, 17)
2 consecutive solo stage wins - fineco (18, 19)
2 solo stage wins - Palm Pro Cycling (1, 10)
2 solo stage wins - wannabe_scattista (9, 20)
2 stage wins (1 solo) - andrewp (14, 17)

Highest winning score on a stage

137.3 wannabe_scattista (stage 9 - Dan Martin, Kwiatkowski)
106.3 vino2001 (stage 16 - Costa)
100 andrewp (stage 14 - Trentin)
100 fineco (stage 19 - Costa)

Highest score that did not win a stage

124.7 Benzene & TH WHISTLER (St 9)
Both picked the outsider winner Dan Martin, but wannabe_scattista's other riders were better

Closest stage

ncrow missed the win by 0.7 in stage 2

Lowest winning score on a stage

29.0 fineco (St 18)
Nobody picked the breakaway podium on the Alpe, but a good unique pick of Porte won the stage

Best unique picks

andrewp - Trentin, winner of St 14
fineco - Costa, winner of St 19


Notable rider performances

Highest total score for all stages


Most consistent - number of scoring stages


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