Worlds: Elite Men Timetrial LIVE

The big timetrial finale, the men's race. A showdown between the Big 3 , Wiggins, Cancellara and Martin. (yeah, I went there)


Montecatini Terme - Firenze 57.9 km

The course is a pure power.course. A small hill just as they exit Montecatini Terme followed by 45 km of more or less pan flat. It's a long sucker too, 58 km makes for a beast of a timetrial.

The riders start off at 13:15 CEST and the group of bigs starts off at around 15:00.

Courseinfo , Startlist

14:30:00 TEKLEHAYMANOT Daniel 29 ERI19881110 ERI

14:31:30 HALMURATOV Muradjan 28 UZB19820611 UZB

14:33:00 GRUZDEV Dmitriy 27 KAZ19860313 KAZ

14:34:30 RASMUSSEN Alex 26 DEN19840609 DEN

14:36:00 VANDEWALLE Kristof 25 BEL19850405 BEL

14:37:30 HOLLENSTEIN Reto 24 SUI19850822 SUI

14:39:00 INFANTINO ABREU Rafael 23 COL19840828 COL

14:40:30 ROY Jeremy 22 FRA19830622 FRA

14:42:00 LARSSON Gustav 21 SWE19800920 SWE

14:43:30 BARTA Jan 20 CZE19841207 CZE

14:45:00 TERPSTRA Niki 19 NED19840518 NED

14:46:30 JUNGELS Bob 18 LUX19920922 LUX

14:48:00 SERGENT Jesse 17 NZL19880708 NZL

14:49:30 DE GENDT Thomas 16 BEL19861106 BEL

14:51:00 WESTRA Lieuwe 15 NED19820911 NED

14:52:30 DOWSETT Alex 14 GBR19881003 GBR

14:54:00 QUAADE Rasmus Christian 13 DEN19900107 DEN

14:55:30 KWIATKOWSKI Michal 12 POL19900602 POL

14:57:00 TALANSKY Andrew 11 USA19881123 USA

14:58:30 KIRYIENKA Vasil 10 BLR19810628 BLR

15:00:00 PINOTTI Marco 9 ITA19760225 ITA

15:01:30 CASTROVIEJO NICOLAS Jonathan 8 ESP19870427 ESP

15:03:00 CHAVANEL Sylvain 7 FRA19790630 FRA

15:04:30 PORTE Richie 6 AUS19850130 AUS

15:06:00 MALORI Adriano 5 ITA19880128 ITA

15:07:30 PHINNEY Taylor 4 USA19900627 USA

15:09:00 WIGGINS Bradley 3 GBR19800428 GBR

15:10:30 CANCELLARA Fabian 2 SUI19810318 SUI

15:12:00 MARTIN Tony 1 GER19850423 GER

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