TdSL Preview+LIVE team presentation



Welcome to the official/unofficial season opening!

Season opening in my eyes because of the quality of riders going down to San Luis where we can take a look at our beloved riders and some of the faves for most...

Enough with the blah blah blah here is the starting list from Cycling fever:

Starting list of teams from the official site:

Yep most of the pro Tour teams are there. Why here? Easy answer that comes from the pro peloton itself.. Nice race, well organized, nice to take a break from crappy weather in Europe... Good food... Nice training race... (I got my sources when I said that this comes from the pro peloton)

Lets go for what you click here for... The stages one by one to follow..

Stage 1:



Lets see according to what we can see in the profile and info about previous editions this one will go to the sprinters unless some sort of "loco" break away stays away.

Stage 2:



Well this one certainly look like a mountain top finish to me, maybe we can see something between the climbers here?

I know is early in the season and this is more then anything preparation, miles on the legs but let this fan dream..

Stage 3:



Hmmm.... Smells like a break away to me.. And if we talk break away remember this last name Guevara... No is not El Che, is a guy from the local team San Luis Somos Todos... I am sure by the end of this edition you will be familiar with his name..

If it doesn't go to the break look for a sprinters that can climb finish.. Or the other way around?

Stage 4:



Another chance for the climbers to give us a preview of what to expect the rest of the year.. In an interview with local reporters Purito said that he is taking this race seriously... Now will he stick to what he said? Today will be a good day to show it..

Stage 5:



TT... By taking a quick look at the start list all I can see out of this stage is the guys aiming not to loose any time to their rivals for the GC.. Things starting to take shape to know who the winner will be..

Stage 6:



Yes after today we will know who the winner will be.. And most likely will be a strong GC guy (insert your candidate in the comments bellow) Or could it be a total surprise like it has been in other editions? Remember we have names that go from Grand Tour winners to local farmers sharing this list of TdSL winners.

Stage 7:



Last day..! Palmares for the winner and lets the sprinters have one more so they can return to Europe or whatever place in the world they call home with the memories of a last stage glory..

Now let go and celebrate this edition of the TdSL with a nice Asado and buen vino..!

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