FSA DS For Dummies: How do you plan to screw up your FSA DS Season?

Seeing as Ursula has enough time on his hands to create Beer addled Season Schedules, we know that FSA DS 2014 is just around the corner. So I ask my self a question, how will you screw up your FSA DS season this year. Perhaps a little pre-season purge will allow me to not actually make these mistakes. Perhaps I should look back at past seasons to see how I have screwed up.


Ah my first year in Virtual DS'ing. Andy Schleck. Well that about covers my screw ups. Picking Andy a massive screw up for this year, and would have been in any of the following 3 years as well.


Ah, the Golden year. Perhaps Igor Anton @ 12 could be called a mistake. Except for the fact that he was one little horrific crash away from "winning" the Vuelta. Finished 87th. Can I have 2011 all over again? Perhaps I will try what worked then if I can figure out what it was. The plan that year was to load up on guy who planned on doing the Giro-Vuelta double. So maybe if I can find another 6!!! "top" GC guys committed to both races I can replicate the strategy.


Tyler Farrar, Ivan Basso, Denis Menchov, and Matti Breschel. Oh and I did not pick Sagan or Wiggo, or friggin both for that matter. Oh well. 143 was still not bad with the lack of Sagan and Wiggo and the group of under performing boat anchors. So Farrar, Basso and Menchov all earned a spot on the no fly list along with Andy Schleck. Onward and Upward for 2013 right?


577th !!!! Oh shit, that did not go according to plan. Got to cute and out thought myself. Thinking you are better then you are is always going to blow up in your face. I think my take away from 2013 is play safe do your best, aim for an upper half finish and hope to get a little bit lucky. Risk big and you have a much higher chance of blowing up and ending up outside the time cut.

So the lesson is next year try to be Haimar Zubeldia. No one notices you, you are never on TV, heck for all the audience is concerned you are at home on the rollers. But wait who is that finishing tenth in the Tour, Haimar, Ataboy. Yup thats what I want, I want to be Haimar this year.


So how will I louse up this year. Will Andy come off the no fly list? Will I fall in love with Bobo again? Will I once again think that Pippus is poised for cobbled domination? Will GHH suck me in with his 2nd place MSR? Will I remember Matti's Dwars and WCRR Bronze? Will I forget that Sagan is the Best? Will I continue to pick Dopers on the come back trail?

Ah so many ways to Screw up a perfectly good FSA DS Season. What will be yours?

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