The Bunnyhop Saga

Klaas Vantornout. - Balint Hamvas

This Sunday the Belgian national cx jersey will change hands and shoulders (unless it doesn't). To get the win, the new champion will have to bunnyhop his way to victory... much to the chagrin of Sunweb's Klaas Vantornout.

Rumour has it that Klaas tried to bribe the organisers of the national champs into changing the beams to a less bunnyhoppable place on the circuit. Before hopping a plane to Spain to train in the... grain? Well, in Calpe at least, KVT visited Waregem, where the Belgian nationals are held next Sunday. "It was a difficult race circuit", says Klaas to Sporza. "It'll be real cx, like it should be."

While checking out the location - without his bike, by the way - he ran into Koen Monu, organiser of the nationals and the world cup in Zolder. "I didn't know the guy. We started to talk about the race. I asked him where the beams would be placed. 'Not on a straight stretch so Sven Nys can jump 'em at 40kph?', I said."

What happened next isn't clear. Witnesses claim KVT tried to bribe the organisers, Monu "confirms nor denies" the allegations, Klaas vehemently denies having offered money. That the question was asked does seem to be certain. Last year, in Mol, Sunweb also asked to have the race changed. Back then they wanted a long sand patch shortened.

Whatever the truth may be - I'm sure we'll find out more in days to come - Twitter's having loads of fun in the meantime.

As organiser of the GP Sven Nys I can confirm that no riders have asked modifications to our race. Even though we had beams.

Klaas Vantornout had rather the beams be placed after the turn than ahead of them. Well Klaas, I also rather the mountain be after the finish than before it!

Started building the World Champs race today. Feel free to visit Klaas.

Oh, and then there's this. Bunnyhop beams aren't without danger, and no one is infallible - not even Svenness. Bloopers on Sporza here.

PS - you might wonder what the race on Sunday will be like. Check back later this week for more info, but I can give you this: there will be beams.

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